Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Abandoning His Post

Wow two blogs in one day I guess you can call me Blabcock.

However, today is a special day since the mayor of Downingtown has announced that he will pursue the new State Representative Seat for the 74th District.  This new district encompasses Caln, Coatesville, Downingtown, East Caln, East Fallowfield, Modena, Parksburg, South Coatesville, Sadsbury and Valley.  Josh Young who also was newly elected to his office in Caln is slated to run.

I wonder how they each feel about abandoning their constituents that they said they would represent before they have even taken the oath of office.

So Mr. Mayor how inflated will your resume become?  What will it indeed include.  Heading minor league projects in a small borough is not exactly working at the state level.  Heck with Downingtown being as small as it is it's barely working at a local level.

I am wondering if you will try and deceive the voters into believing that you can balance a budget because you sat on council while they did all the hard work and you sat up there and alternately smirked and laughed at inappropriate moments.  I wonder if those who live here in D'town who think they are your best buds will support you IF you get a bigger office since you will most likely drop them like a hot potato unless they have at least an MBA.  I wonder if being in charge of a police department and not learning to let those who know best lead looks good on a how will I help this state statement.

Admittedly the local Republican party does not have their ducks in a row let alone want to get their fingers dirty to put up a candidate that has a prayer against your down home aw shucks appearance, but really I am wondering how a candidate who thinks and is above the local law in a lot of instances can make it in the big time.  Oh wait that would just be politics as usual wouldn't it?

I feel bad for those who worked so hard to get you elected as mayor again.  You in a sense duped them.  They thought that they were getting another four years of Josh Maxwell as mayor and what they were really getting is your duplicity along with the rest of the residents of Downingtown.  See not even some of your "friends" knew that you would have to announce your intentions so fast.  Even I had guessed late and I knew what was coming.

But this should be par for the course shouldn't it since you seem to thrive on disenfranchising residents and voters at a rapid pace.  Challenge me on this and we can just go ask the residents on Washington Ave. behind Molly McGuire's which opened for all intents and purposes for your fundraising to do on October 8th WAY before they were ready to handle patrons.  Better yet go ask some of them personally yourself I am sure they would like to know that you plan to make it to Harrisburg on their backs.


A Man To Honor

This man was my social studies teacher during my time at Columbine. We moved back to PA shortly after graduation. I never thought that the next time I would hear of Columbine would be in the news. Any innocence I had left, I lost that day in April, but this man managed to bring back respect and honor to a place that by all intents and purpose should have been forever tagged as a violent example of what not to do. Good for you Mr. D! And while some friendships have faded and others gone completely, I am and always will be a Columbine Rebel and still proud to say it because of this man!

Final Bell
Frank DeAngelis has been in charge of Columbine High School since the mass shooting there nearly 15 years ago. That’s about to change.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Just Sad Today

Why am I just sad today?  Because I gave someone the benefit of the doubt and thought they were smarter than what has been shown.  Who did I give the benefit of the doubt?  The voters and residents of Downingtown.

Now before you say or think it's just sour grapes.....I will admit I don't understand why more people did not see what I see in my husband and yes I am sad that this election went the way that it did, but I like the rest of you, will have to live with this salmagundi that was created yesterday.

What I don't quite get is how voters don't see past the smarmy smiles and the prevaricating laughter.  The gentleman that will again be mayor creates abilities in his job and himself that he has no control over.  The Mayor of Downingtown has no say in a business coming to town, he cannot fix a situation with a bus route or bus service as a voter was lead to believe yesterday at the polls, and he most certainly has no more "work to do" in the borough.  That is unless he wishes to clean up some of the messes he has left behind by overstepping his boundaries?  Would he like to apologize to businesses and residents alike for going to the Liquor Control Board hearings to force Molly Maguire's liquor license through under the KOEZ at the expense of several other businesses? Or help the residents personally who are now not able to park on their own street because of a new business being opened before they were ready?  Oh wait he can't do that because he can't seem to move his own car out of  a two hour parking zone with only one ticket on it before it was towed.  Would he like to explain why he had to put one of two violations accrued in Coatesville on the payment plan, but could be out looking for a new vehicle in September?  Would he like to personally apologize to the young people whom he disenfranchised during the last Ghost Walk because a supporter asked him to put his daughter in a program for years that was running smoothly when an age limit was placed on it for participants to be 16 and costumed characters to be 18 and he arrogantly side stepped the Commission putting on the walk and had a 12 year old in costume and then flat out denied his culpability in the action?

And then we get to council president.  I am not sure how the voters could in good conscience vote back in a man who has been seen by many harassing other council members and others who attend meetings.  How does one reconcile placing a bully back on a presiding council that decides your future?  A bully who will only let a person speak or an idea to be heard if he agrees with it and interrupts, talks down to and is plain nasty when he doesn't?  Who was heard making fun of the people of Downingtown at the polls when they ask questions and want things done, but are not part of his crowd of cronies. 

I am sad today because honor and integrity are not part of my home towns make up.  That people still vote in others that they know are doing things that are either illegal or walk a fine line between legal and criminal and sleep soundly at night.  I am sad today because so many voices did not make themselves heard and a good man lost an election and a borough lost their chance to be redeemed just a bit and given back some honor, dignity and virtue.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

When To Shut Your Mouth

When is it time for borough officials to own up to their mistakes?  When they have made them.  When is it time for them to shut their mouths?  When others are speaking.  When is it time to vote out officials from their office?  NOW!

Chip Gazzerro as council president needs to understand that he cannot bully people because his council seat is not his own personal bully pulpit, but that is what he uses it for, to bully people.  Tonight for the first time several council members stood up to him and called him on the carpet for using Downingtown Borough as his own little fiefdom.  Nick Winkler made it perfectly clear that council listens to other arms of the borough sometimes without even talking about it, but when it comes to the Historic and Parks Commission Chip Gazzerro has been heard saying if he doesn't like that commissions recommendation he will just change the ordinance.

Mayor Josh Maxwell's job is very limited in scope yet he constantly oversteps his bounds.  He would like to residents to think that he has nothing but the good of the borough in his thoughts and actions, however he ran against Becky Corbin for State Rep and we will be redistricted in 2014 and it is well known that he will campaign to fill that State position.  He will be campaigning at a crucial time in our borough and he will not be interested in the residents unless he can count on their votes for Harrisburg.

So on Tuesday when it comes time to vote you as the voter and resident need to consider these things.  Do wish for a Mayor who is only using you as a stepping stone or one that really cares about you and has no aspirations for higher office so dedication will not be an issue?  Do you also want a council member who feels it is within his rights to speak down to and bully other council members because he has a gavel and a title.  Twelve years is long enough.  Even diapers need to be changed to avoid the smell.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hubris Abounded and Disrespect Dished Out

I don't think I have ever been more disappointed and discouraged than I was last night at Borough Council's meeting.  I was waiting to sit there for more testimony and questions that could wait for the conditional use hearing, but thankfully that record was closed and the meeting continued.  However the rudeness, hubris and ignorance that abounded afterwards was of epic proportions.

The Comprehensive Plan was next on the agenda and a gentleman from the Urban Research and Development Corporation was there named Paul and I am certainly remiss in not hearing his last name.  This gentleman had about as much finesse as a bull in a china shop and was rude on all fronts.  In fact at one point he had to tell him self to take a chill.

The Comprehensive Plan is a document that is primarily used for the obtaining of grants and other such things for the borough.  It is also to be a guide for which we continue to move forward with projects etc.  Mr. Sullins at one point said, "Who really reads the Comprehensive Plan?"  My question then is why did we even pay over $17,000 for something that is not going to be utilized as it properly should?  The planning commission in conjunction with the borough just cost the taxpayers money for a document that is not really going to be used according to the borough manager.

Back in February there was a public meeting where comments and issues were addressed by the constructors of the document and the planning commission and we the public should have expected that NONE to very few recommendations made by anyone were going to be added or subtracted due to the attitude of those present from the planning commission and the creators of the document that night.

The Downingtown Historic and Parks Commission, after much study of the Comprehensive Plan of 1994 and the Open Space Plan of 1993 along side with the current draft of the Comprehensive Plan submitted their additions and suggestions in writing to both the Urban Research and Development Corporation and the planning commission.  The H&P is an arm of the Borough and as such should carry as much weight in their suggestions and recommendations, however that is not the case.  During the meeting last evening when a representative from Historic and Parks asked to be recognized and proceeded to ask Paul why the recommendations to the Comprehensive Plan were not added, he nastily asked Tamara if these were different concerns than were submitted before.  When Tamara said no and that not only were these the same ones, but these were also the ones that had been submitted to council with a formal letter (which Mr. Sullins told council that they were not the same that were in the letter that was drafted and he purposely did not use the title of or the arm of the borough that the suggestions came from, so that they would seem less important.).  He told Tamara that all recommendations were brought before the planning commission and they were given a yay or nay.   Which is fine however, the very fact that one arm of the borough other than council over riding the recommendations of the very entity that is tasked with preserving the parks and historical buildings in the borough is hubris and is not their responsibility within the codes of this borough.  Just as the Historic and Parks Commission makes recommendations to the Council so does the Planning Commission.  While there are many educated individuals on the Planning Commission there are just as many on the Historic and Parks who have done their homework, compared maps and are truly concerned with the esoteric and infrastructure of the borough and to hold fast to the historical balance and flavor of this town.

One of the more serious issues that H&P had with the Comprehensive Plan is that from the 1993 Open Space Plan to this plan there are 11.1 acres missing from Johnsontown Park.  Councilor DeStephano suggested that mistakes can be made for which we can concede however, not an 11.1 acre mistake.  No one could explain how a park went from 25 acres to 13.9.  Another concern which was voiced was the fact that no contingency plan was written if a project or court case would go the way that the borough hoped it would not.  Councilor Winkler brought this very thing up in part.  But what was most ignorant on the part of this Paul gentleman was that if a man was speaking to him he used a tone that was slightly less obnoxious and repugnant and was more amenable to their suggestions than if a woman was speaking other than Council DeStephano because she is on the Planning Commission.

To blatantly ignore recommendations from a corresponding arm of the borough is presumptuous and downright disrespectful to those who volunteer their time just as others on various committees and commission do.

But the fun did not stop there.  A business in Downingtown took it upon themselves to paint the outside of their building without ascertaining from neither codes nor the Historic and Parks Commission, since the building is in the Historic Overlay whether they first could do what they wished and secondly if the color that was chosen was historically correct and corresponded with the rest of the historic overlay.  Council decided that was not important and over rode both Tom Yuhas and the Historic and Parks without any consideration and Chip Gazzerro was completely and utterly rude and disrespectful in how he spoke to Councilor Feldman when she attempted as H&P liaison to explain the intent of H&P in this matter.

It is becoming more and more clear that council needs an influx of new blood.  People who don't have an agenda who are not on the planning commission and will fall in lock step with them, but ignore other arms of the borough.  A wish is that the mayor who is supposed to be the face of this town to actually stand up for those who have no voice or little input because they are considered to be beneath consideration instead of rocking back on his chair and laughing and respect given for ALL who give their time and talents to the borough. 


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

It's Just Business

It started out that Downingtown was going to be on Fox 29's Jenny On The Block, but then the decision was made to move to Kennett Square where the downtown noise from traffic is not as loud.  Originally, it was rumored that all that is great about D'town would be featured, but then Kennett got the go ahead and D'town was out.

Now Downingtown is back in the running, but what puzzles me is why they are featuring Victory Brewery only.  Yes Victory does sponsor a lot of events, but they aren't the only thing that is great about Downingtown, in fact I think they come in a slow 10th maybe.  D'town has awesome parks, great trails, abundant history and is all about being a Good Neighbor.  THAT is what this town should be known for not the restaurants and certainly not for the many drinking establishments.  We have some of the best fireworks on the 4th, Halloween in D'town hasn't been rivaled in years, the best Christmas Parade, businesses within walking distance of home, an above average school system and yet all of those are not what is being featured? 

We seem to forget in chasing the spotlight that which has made us great.  The restaurants that have been here 30 years, the new ones who sponsor local events (not put on by the restaurant itself) without question, the history that busts at the seams when you walk through the town, the beauty of the Brandywine even at flood stage.  So I ask again, Mr. Mayor, Main Street and the Chamber why those things are not what was chosen to highlight in Downingtown...because those are what make it desirable to be here in the borough.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Roots and Wings

I know I usually talk about local politics here or issues that got my dander up, but this is something different.  If you read it thank you.  If not thank you for even checking in.

My boys turned 18 the first of July and it all came rushing over me that while I have always worked to give my boys roots AND wings they were going to use their wings soon.  I remember back to the day we were told that it was twins and how scared my husband and I were, but that would be nothing compared to the lifetime of love, struggles, laughter, tears and what seemed sometimes like insurmountable obstacles to come.

When the boys were small I knew that something was different with my one son Daniel.  He didn’t respond as other infants did to stimuli and he had a hold me, but don’t touch me type of personality.  As they grew Dan did not speak, his twin Dustin did most of the “interpreting” for him and he pointed a lot.  We found that his frenulum was too short at age two (something which should have been caught by his first pediatrician before his first birthday).  Once surgery was completed Dan began to speak, but not like the other children.  He didn’t play like other toddlers and he much rather would be on his own or with the adults.  Dustin was an energetic child and was into everything.  He loved music and he loved his brother, but we weren’t too sure that sentiment was returned by Daniel.  The boys grew as boys will and while I knew something was different it wasn’t until at 2 years old Dan was said to have a severe speech and developmental delay.  Later on when I finally sent them to preschool at age 4 and he was tested again it was first diagnosed as PDD NOS and later Asperger’s Syndrome.   It was ok we would work through this and Dan would be fine.  The boys entered elementary school and the public school system was as good as it gets helping us navigate the waters of special education.  Then in second grade it happened again.  Dustin was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome also.  He was higher functioning than Dan and could be kept in a regular classroom for 90% of the time, but all I could do was scream in my head, “Not BOTH my babies!”

Life has not been the easiest of travels, but I would not change a thing as far as my boys are concerned unless I could make life less challenging for them than it is presently.  One thing is I never tested them for this or that.  Changed their diet because the newest fad said it would help.  Blamed the pharmaceutical companies because the vaccine MIGHT have had a hand in this (although Dan was different from birth before any vaccines), or had an advocate for this and a therapist for that.  If they were having trouble we found the help that they needed then, we didn’t anticipate that they MIGHT need this or that MIGHT happen.  I let my boys be boys, let their hyper focus grow and become some great skills.  Dan’s eye hand coordination is better than most because he played video games that involved shooting and history.  Dustin’s love of music has made him a wonderful musician, he can name any plane that flies in the sky and knows most of the NASCAR drivers and their records.  Dan can discuss political events and WILL tell you his opinion of how the country is being run.  He can engage in a serious discussion of his spiritual beliefs and ask pertinent questions about world history.

They say that children are the reflections of ourselves, but when I look at my boys I know that is not completely true.  Oh once in a while I see a smirk that is mine and Dustin looks like a mini Tony (he’s not so mini anymore).  They both try their hand at sarcasm, but mom still wears the crown and both Tony and I love music, but they like it loud and fast like their dad and I like it a bit softer, and the list goes on.  If the boys are reflections of us they are only the best each of us had to give back to the universe and while “mommy” is adjusting to them using their wings, “daddy” reminds me that we gave them roots too.

Friday, June 7, 2013


I wonder sometimes if people actually know the definition of the word duplicity.  It means-deceitfulness in speech or conduct, as by speaking or acting in two different ways to different people concerning the same matter; double-dealing.  The reason that this word comes to mind is due to the last council meeting.  The conditional use hearing was continued for River Station East (no daycare, Dunkin Donuts proposed...yeah that is going to help traffic ).  East Caln has been making money on this project since 2008 and yet here we sit.  Council members questioned the witnesses ad nauseum and asked the same question several different ways (I'm not sure if it was because they wanted to look like they had the borough's best interest at heart or that they didn't listen the first time).  This piece of land could be developed if the planning commission and council would get their selves together and let it move forward.  It would be beneficial to the borough and it would get rid of the eyesore that exists on that block now.  We won't go into River Station West as that is a burr under my saddle.

Then wonder of wonders new business actually got discussed and one of the issues was in conjunction with Messiah Lutheran Church on Business Route 30.  There is a piece of land behind the church that Messiah would like to make into more parking and a bigger play area since they have a pre-school.  The borough from the explanation of Mr. Sullins, the borough manager, wants to make a land grab.  Three options were proposed and the church leadership, specifically the pastor, will only accept option #2 and even then it's a stretch for them.  The piece of land would be made into the play area and parking lot, but also an access road that reached Viaduct Ave.  What amazed me is that it was mentioned that council could vote for Messiah to build their parking lot and play area and then condemn the lot and grab the land to do with what they want.  For the first time in a long time I agreed with Council President Gazzerro when he said that would be wrong to do.  Others like Council member Winkler asked why we were even bothering?  I bet I can hazard a guess.....easement granted to the borough for River Station West to have the Boot Rd. extension through Johnsontown Park anyone?  But what really made me angry, upset and completely disgusted is that council can make a decision like this that has no real benefit to anyone, yet they drag their feet on a project that could potentially bring multiplying revenue to the borough.

It makes me frustrated that the borough can welcome a new bar and grill like Molly McGuire's, make it difficult for a mainstay like Georgio's, bring in Firecreek under the KOZ and let them off so easily and have yet another Italian food place come in.  Please don't get me wrong, I am glad the building won't go vacant, but how easy are you going to make it for them to replace Firecreek?  Do they get to utilize the KOZ and not live up to any of the codicils placed on them too.  Council flies headlong into some projects and yet moves like molasses in January on others and then it's called being cautious.  Being cautious would be to not bring in one more opportunity for the residents of Downingtown to drive drunk or have a drunk driving accident.  Being cautious would be making sure that we don't alienate businesses that are already there for ones that our mayor and his followers think are cool.

Think about this and maybe attend a council meeting because your voice deserves to be heard whether you agree with me or not.

Monday, May 20, 2013

What is the truth?

So tomorrow is the primary and it's getting ugly on some fronts.  The West Ward of Downingtown candidates are fairly quiet other than a few non truths being perpetrated early on by people you expect to do so.  The East Ward however is...I'm not sure even how to explain it.

The two candidates for the East Ward are Ann Feldman and Phil Dague.  If you have followed this blog at all you know that Ann Feldman and I were not exactly what you would call friends....in fact we were as far apart on issues as one could possibly be.  With that said I think Ann is getting the short stick on the East end.  First of all, yes, Ann did switch parties from Republican to Democrat and I being a life long registered Republican (although party means little to me) asked he why she would do something like that.  Instead of the answer that some are touting as her reasons she told me, "I felt that they were no longer the party that held the same ideals as I do, especially locally."  It had nothing to do with being afraid of another candidate, or being duplicitous as the rumor that is being spread has said. 

There are plenty of other things to bring forth about a candidate that are true rather than to turn something innocent into more than it is.  If that is all an opposing candidate has then what is the point of voting for them?  Have a platform.  Have an issue.  Have something rather than lies and innuendoes.

My husband is working hard just because he loves this town and it has nothing to do with having lived here all his life, or hating someone else.  It has to do with he wants to be the voice of the people of Downingtown.  God bless him because he had more patience than I to suffer fools gladly.  Tony has no agenda of his own just the interests of the residents.  So when you go to the polls tomorrow think about that.  Think about what you really want from your candidates.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Suburban Political Machines

     I love Downingtown and the flavor of old time mixed in with modern.  I love that there are thriving businesses that bring revenue into the town and that there are still "mom and pop shops" that are open sometimes under their own steam.  What I don't like is residents that have a bit of power and abuse that power.

     I'll admit that I am biased about some things that go on in town.  I am really biased when it comes to my husbands employer, but with good reason.  Robert's Automall has been a fixture in this town for 25 years and yet tonight the dance that they had to do to revamp their two remaining showrooms on the parcel of land that they own was incredible and embarrassing to say the least.  Robert's successfully went before the zoning board and made sure that they had dotted all their "I's" and crossed all their "T's" before what should have been a final compliance meeting with the Planning Commission.  Yet that is not what it was.  In fact little was said by any commission member other than Mr. Steve Henning.  A few valid operating comments were made by Sean Lawrence, but by and large it was Mr. Henning's show and I am sure everyone could see that his intent was to not give Robert's the go-ahead with their plans to redo both showrooms and make the lot look that much more pleasing to the eye, but still maintain an operating business in the borough.  In fact it becomes quite plain that if it were an option for Mr. Henning he would tell Robert's to get out of town.  A fact that is brought to bare in the Comprehensive Plan that goes before Borough Council soon. Of which a public meeting was conducted and NO changes were made, not even those recommended by the Historic and Parks Commission, in writing, which is an entity of the borough.  

     It is quite obvious from a listeners point of view that Mr. Henning has no comprehension as to how a car dealership is run and how they conduct business.  It is quite clear that he wants HIS way or the highway.  Well all fine and good, but is Mr. Henning willing to subsidize each Downingtown resident when their taxes go up because a LARGE revenue producing business leaves the borough to your landscaping and aesthetics?  I understand compliance with building standards in the borough, but I also understand communities coming together to make a business viable and running so that a long time staple in town can continue to operate within the limits they have complied with.

     I will say that I could not sit any longer and watch and listen to the machinations of this commission once they decided to table the go ahead to discuss "what they could control" which was the landscaping.  I wonder when the living walls will come to bear again.  What did surprise me is that  Sarah Peck who is a developer who is presently in litigation over Kardon Park thought that it was her place to speak directly to Joe Dwyer general manager of Robert's and tell him that she knew better what Honda would do than he did.  She said that she saw other Honda showrooms that did not conform to Honda's image.  Well bully for you Ms. Peck, but when did you become part of the planning commission and when were you given free reign to discuss another business owner's business?  Yet when Ann Feldman wished to ask a question she was originally shot down.  Regardless of your feelings about Ms. Feldman's stance on Kardon Park, why was Ms. Peck given free reign to bash Joe Dwyer and tell him in not so many words that he didn't know what he was talking about when she is a developer and NOT part of an automotive franchise, planning commission, nor an interested party and Ms. Feldman who is on Borough Council was told NO?  The other sticking point is why is Main Street Association even involved in any aspect of what is determined for Robert's? 

    Be careful Mr. Henning you may get your wish and Robert's tells you where to put your landscaping and moves out of the borough and it would serve you right and those who listen to your arguments.  In fact it would serve Mr. Henning right to be the reason that Downingtown residents find that their taxes have gone up exponentially not just to cover services in the Borough, but because of Henning's Folly.  Let's hope that Borough Council has more insight into what it takes to keep Downingtown thriving, not living walls and pretty bushes, but actual money.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I don't think my eyes have ever been more crossed than at the machinations that I have seen in the last few days.  My husband decided that he wanted to enter the arena of local politics and I supported his decision.  He is new to the process so while he was careful to make sure that every signature was properly executed on his petition he did not turn in his financial papers to the borough and that was a fatal mistake for which he will now pay for.  However, what really made me sick to my stomach is that because of a personal vendetta his petition would have been challenged simply because of who he was.  Yes we know and have figured out who was going to try and make him pull out of the election and I can't say I am surprised.

But what really made me pause was the scrambling that everyone was doing to try and knock each other off the ballot.  You know that old saying those who live in glass houses should not throw stones?  Well it applies in spades to this process especially here in Downingtown.  First of all petitions are to be circulated by a person of your party.  It doesn't matter if your wife or husband is doing you a favor if they are not registered to the same party that you are and then you sign it saying that all is legal and above board you have hornswoggled those whom you wish to represent and you have committed a crime especially if you have the forms notarized.  I also learned that financial papers need to be time stamped when turned into the borough, so not having that done is an offense that could get your petition challenged, and no amount of covering by other people makes it better if you don't have that done.

Another powerful lesson we have learned is that people can be a nice person, but a rotten public servant or politician.  That makes it so hard to see the good in a person when they step off the podium/board/soap box.  It also seems to emphasize the worst possible traits in a person.  Those who are not overly arrogant and condescending in real life become domineering and patronizing when swinging a gavel, and those who appear to have an "aw shucks" attitude shed their outer skin and will smile while they throw you under the bus.

My husband is the type of person where what you see is what you get.  He is a vet so he has seen more than many of us would care to and has come out the other side, he is not duplicitous in any sense of the word, he has handled financial matters for large businesses and worked with people with less than perfect credit, his family is his life and he loves Downingtown.  Maybe 12 years of the same old same old and the above attributes is enough.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Just A Thought

The more I sit here and think about this letter the more I seriously suspect that one sender could cull all those happenings into one single action.  Unless the letter were written by the couple that attend council meetings on a regular basis, Ginny, myself or my husband there is absolutely no way that this can be accredited to one author (if they be a true resident) unless the information was fed to them.  The reason that I say this is that the quotes that were used were not all from the same meeting, in fact they were from several meetings happening over months and unless it was written by any of the above no one in this town attends as many meetings as those I have pointed out.  I am sadly disappointed in the high school like antics of this council at times and am wondering if anything other than raising rates and taxes in the borough is going to be the legacy of this particular make up of council.

However, as the rumblings go in this town (when you live in a 2 mile square area you hear things) those who so far have made it known that they wish to join this circus frightens me almost as much.  Too many people see council and commission positions as fame and fortune so to speak and less for the fact that they want to help the borough and its residents.  All I can say is, residents please make sure you know who you are allowing to represent you, don't fall for smoke and mirrors, and make sure that you know their ultimate goal.  Don't allow those who are seeking headlines and notoriety to sway you into believing they care, because as it stands we have too much of that now and look where it has gotten us.....the recess yard in grade school where the popular kid calls the shy quiet one a childish name and everyone laughs until someone gets punished.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Council's New Year's Resolution

Anonymity is a strange thing, we as humans tend to hide behind it when we aren't brave enough to confront those we disagree with face to face.  Sometimes it's necessary so that a public persona is not damaged or if we are whistle blowing on a company we work for, but when it comes to political figures and elected officials why would someone want to hide their opinion?  Those people are in office because they won the majority of the vote and they are to speak for us.  If you disagree with a point, stance or opinion of theirs then it is your civic duty to let them know and do it "face to face." 

In the council meeting tonight a letter that had been addressed to each council person was about to be read in the open forum when the time came for "For the Good of The Order".  It started it out stating that the person had to do it anonymously and then legal council stepped in.  Once the smoke had cleared we all knew that the letter was not exactly praising staff as it was pronounced to be, but a letter to put down one specific council member.  Bet you can't guess who that might be...........

Before I go any further let me make this perfectly clear, I have not changed my position on many issues in the borough.  I am I tired of the legal wrangling that continues and do I now see a lot of what was started long ago as what I call "Council's Folly"?  Yes I do, but regardless of my position I have never hidden behind a wall of anonymity and I have never resorted to personal attacks that an official or staff member of the borough is evil incarnate.

For the Good of the Order, according to Robert's Rules for Dummies, is usually time set aside for members to offer comments or observations (without formal motions) about the society and its work, or time to offer a resolution to bring a disciplinary charge against a member for offenses committed outside of a meeting.  Normally in a borough council meeting notices of happenings in the borough are stated and kudos and "shout outs" are given for good deeds and events.  So as you see it is rarely used properly in this particular forum and again tonight it was misused.  The letter apparently contained slurs against one specific council member whom is disliked by many.  I will go on record that while my views on borough activities, ordinances and regulations most likely will be on the opposite side of the fence from this particular council person, she is not an evil woman and I can honestly say I like her and if it is for the betterment of the community I will willingly work with her.  However, there are just some people in this community that will not put differences aside.  You don't have to agree with the person, you don't have to even like them, but to constantly find ways to undermine and belittle them make you look small.  Making sure that this person does not get a chance to have her say, ask her questions and try to make her look more like a nuisance than someone who is trying to do the best that she can is shades of what we have in Washington DC and we can all see how far that has gotten us....right up to a cliff is where it has gotten us.  Do I agree with this person every time?  No.  Do long winded questions bother me? Yes. Do I and quite a few other people need to learn patience and humility?  Oh my yes.

I am asking as a citizen and resident of the Borough of Downingtown that the animosity stops here and now.  I am asking that chairpersons and presidents not let a little bit of power go to their head.  A little bit of decorum needs to be infused and a lot of humble pie needs to be eaten if things are going to get done around here.  Now is the time...it's a new year...let that be your resolution.