Tuesday, July 23, 2013

It's Just Business

It started out that Downingtown was going to be on Fox 29's Jenny On The Block, but then the decision was made to move to Kennett Square where the downtown noise from traffic is not as loud.  Originally, it was rumored that all that is great about D'town would be featured, but then Kennett got the go ahead and D'town was out.

Now Downingtown is back in the running, but what puzzles me is why they are featuring Victory Brewery only.  Yes Victory does sponsor a lot of events, but they aren't the only thing that is great about Downingtown, in fact I think they come in a slow 10th maybe.  D'town has awesome parks, great trails, abundant history and is all about being a Good Neighbor.  THAT is what this town should be known for not the restaurants and certainly not for the many drinking establishments.  We have some of the best fireworks on the 4th, Halloween in D'town hasn't been rivaled in years, the best Christmas Parade, businesses within walking distance of home, an above average school system and yet all of those are not what is being featured? 

We seem to forget in chasing the spotlight that which has made us great.  The restaurants that have been here 30 years, the new ones who sponsor local events (not put on by the restaurant itself) without question, the history that busts at the seams when you walk through the town, the beauty of the Brandywine even at flood stage.  So I ask again, Mr. Mayor, Main Street and the Chamber why those things are not what was chosen to highlight in Downingtown...because those are what make it desirable to be here in the borough.


  1. News flash: at 7:30 in the morning on a July weekday there are no fireworks, trick-or-treat, or Christmas parades. The schools are "above average"? Now that's a ringing endorsement. By the way, school's out in July as well. Parks? Doesn't every town have a park? The most laughable thing you say is "the beauty of the Brandywine even at flood stage." LOL!! I'm sure all the business and homeowners who've sustained losses from Downingtown floods would beg to differ. Me? I'll take the beer. Ain't nothing else on your list worth featuring.

  2. Here's a newsflash for you......NONE of the great things about Downingtown were mentioned other than establishments that have alcohol served. While I too am a patron of some of those establishments places like the Coffee Cup, Georgios, Downingtown Country Gifts, Struble Trail, The Log House, DNB, Dane Décor were not.

    Newsflash for you even some of those who have sustained damage from the Brandywine would probably be much happier to be associated with other things than drinking at 7:18 am with an official who has a DUI under their belt. This is DOWNINGTOWN with a rich history, great parks (which by the way are available at 7:18am)and other businesses that have sustained the town for a much longer time. It's not Victorytown nor Drukentown.

  3. The twenty-firthththst amend*hiccup*ment was a good thing. You must agree as it appears you've been hitting the sauce yourself, Ms. Drukentown. See you at Victory!

  4. Ya know, you're right. I forgot about how, as a child growing up in Montgomery County, we used to like to take day trips to towns like Hatboro to visit Gamburg's furniture or take a spin through the drive thru at Hamilton Reliance Bank. I'm sure Victory doesn't draw outsiders into town like DNB and Dane Decor do. LMAO!

  5. Such wit and wisdom you have. Just proves the type of people that Victory "draws" to town.

    1. Maybe Victory should move their entire operation (along with the 300 plus jobs it creates) to Parkesburg, who has welcomed them with open arms. Seems like the people of Downingtown who look down their noses at Victory and its patrons are too puritan to tolerate them. Maybe once your husband gets on to borough council he can suggest it.

    2. I look down on no business in the town. Making a statement like that is a bit offside. I can not control what others post here. If you wnat my take on something ask me directly. Thank you

      Tony Babcock

    3. Let's look at this realistically. First of all the fact that Victory opened it's doors that early for the segment definitely deserves kudos, but where in that segment did it actually promote Downingtown? Two mentions, one about the blob and the other about Thomas Downing by Mike Jerrick and nothing else and those were glossed over as unimportant. When asked the mayor mentioned only one true restaurant, Stell Rossa, and all the others are not patronized by people looking to just eat. No one is saying that establishments such as Victory are the devil incarnate, but when you are promoting a town it should be about the town and not one establishment. There are places in town that could have been showcased outside where the traffic is not so obnoxious such as Kerr Park and the loveliness and beauty of our borough could have been show off quite well. Many more people are upset that we were shown to be nothing more than a drinking town or as Jen Frederick put it "Beertown" That is not what our borough is all about. It's about the people and ALL the places that keep Downingtown thriving.

      As for my husband as he so aptly stated above if you want his take them ask him and don't make a statement that you can't back up. Your comment about moving Victory to Parkesburg I thought that was a done deal, so why even bring that up? The jobs will most likely go with the brewery so please don't make it out to be more than it is. As for being puritan, that is up to each individual how they conduct their moral and spiritual life, but if not wanting Downingtown to be portrayed as a town that has nothing better to do than drink....call me puritan.

  6. NEWS FLASH to the first poster !!! Our mayor did a crap job at representing his town !!! If he had half a brain he would have mentioned the things that have value about our town. The trails, parks, schools, yes the fireworks, historical sights the changes taking place in the near future, the growth, etc ...
    NEWS FLASH something does not have to be currently "open" or active to mention it!!!!
    NEWS FLASH Our mayor looked like a bar fly telling everyone to come to our town at 7 in the morning have a beer and enjoy our town and while you are at all of our drinking establishments you just might meet the mayor ... oh but don't worry if you miss him you might see him at a sobriety checkpoint ...I'll let you decide what he will be doing there.

    NEWS FLASH even if you do not like the mayor (I obviously don't) you still expect that person to portray our town in a favorable light. Now my friends who live elsewhere think I live in a party town. How many churches and places of worship do we have here??? Don't wait for the mayor to fill you in he does not know.

    pathetic !!!

  7. oh yea NEWS FLASH !!! IF you want to find the first poster just go to victory. He will be the one who walks in and everybody knows his name.

  8. I viewed the little 'event' as a major advertisement for Victory Brewing. The place does not serve breakfast. Who WAS there that morning? Members of the Main Street Association and invited guests?

    WHY would the restaurant open the bar and actually serve beer at that time? AND hand a beer to the DUI Mayor..not a good move. Offer beer ice cream and sherbet in the morning? From the sound of Jenn's voice, I think it left a bad taste in her mouth.

    It could have been - should have been - better. It could have included events that bring people to the Borough, like Good Neighbor Day, the historical walk on Halloween night, the Log House, Sky's the Limit playground..there is so much more to the Borough than drinking a beer at 7:18 in the morning!

  9. Who watches Fox in the morning, anyway? Saw a video of the segments posted on the Downingtown Does Facebook page and that woman's inane screeching was so distracting it was hard to pay attention to anything being said. How do these "news" people even have jobs? Could the boy wonder mayor have done a better job of promoting D-town? Yes. But not in the minute or two segments that Jenny monopolized with her screechy babbling and frantic jog-walking around like the place was on fire. How anyone can start a perfectly good day with such drivel is beyond me. It would be enough to drive me to drink...at 7:18 in the morning.

    Poor choice of an outlet to showcase Downingtown, and seemingly poor planning to have young mayor with a DUI drinking at all on camera, let alone early in the morning.