Friday, March 30, 2012

Mountain Out of Molehill

People talk about the political wrangling that goes on in various types of government and how dissatisfying it can be when it doesn't go the way that you think it should.  Me, I am surprised that anything gets done at all having watched government at work on both the state and local level in person.

Here's a for instance;it took over a week for the Voter ID bill to get to the Governor's desk of Pennsylvania because legislators were debating whether a person will become disenfranchised because they have to show and ID at the polls.  It boggles the mind how anyone can possibly think that showing a picture ID is going to make voting harder for honest people, what it will make more difficult is voter fraud because not just anyone with a voter registration card can walk in and vote.  I have had to show my ID to various entities since I was 16 years old and obtained a driver's license, in fact I am flattered when I am "carded" if I wish to purchase an alcoholic beverage (which happens about every five years so it's a really big deal).  Now there are people saying that those who don't have IDs won't be able to vote......was that not the point?

Another instance on a local level:in Downingtown parking is at a premium.  Residence know this just like they know that if it rains some part of D'town will flood.  However, when residence ask for parking spaces or ordinances that will make streets easier to navigate and our quality of life that much better it is actually debated in council!  The one issue that always seems to be at the forefront is, "What about the businesses?"  I am not sure if council members have noticed, but businesses are leaving D'town on Lancaster Ave. and those that are still here have their own parking.  As a residence and a taxpayer I think our needs should come first above those that don't live here.  However, when parking requests come down that seem reasonable it is actually debated for quite some time.  It boggles the mind how they can blow past some ordinances which appear to be so much more important yet parking requests of residence that have little to no effect on anyone, but those making the request are discussed ad nauseum.

When we were kids I know many of us heard the saying, "You're making a mountain out of a molehill" when we screamed over a paper cut, or a friend called us a "dummyhead".  But we aren't kids anymore and the issues at hand need to be given their due, yes, but stop making a mountain out of a molehill and maybe more things could actually get done.  Imagine that, government working as it should.