Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Listen For Yourself

Many people have asked what the reasons for dissolving the Downingtown Historic and Parks Commission were. None of the ex-commission members could give a clear answer not even the ones who were in attendance at the meeting other than it is political retribution at it's finest.  Since many residents do not attend council meetings you really deserve to hear what went on in the meeting the evening that Council President Gazzerro along with DiStefano, Rakoff and McGlone pulled a fast one on council members Winkler and Feldman, and let it slip that they had meetings outside of council chambers and executive sessions.

Reading the brief recount of council meeting minutes does not reflect half of what is actually said in meetings and it's a true shame that residents don't let themselves be informed of what goes on.  I can read a police report of an accident but it does not give me an idea of the fear and horror that goes with it if I have not been in the accident itself.

Pat McGlone stated in the DLN that listening to the discussions shoe voted to split the commission, but if you truly listen to what is being said that is NOT what is discussed and there were no reasons given to split the commission.  Also in the 5 years that I have attended council meetings I have NEVER seen Ms. McGlone attend a council meeting.  If she did it was a meeting that I missed, but that is something I truly doubt so how would she be privy to any discussions about anything?

Listen to the recording and make up your own mind.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

To Be Perfectly Clear

To be perfectly clear there is a very big difference between holding an elected official to the standards that are set forth by their election to their post as a citizen and keeping quite as a volunteer for the legislative body that both your positions are contained in.

As citizens we are called to keep our elected officials honest and above board.  To accomplish this goal there are many methods to do this; by blogging, speaking at meetings, and asking for documents in a right to know request.

None of the commissioners that were part of the now dissolved Historic and Parks Commission ever bashed council members as commissioners.  The mayor was asked to apologize to a commissioner by another commissioner when he brought his bias and issues to a public meeting of said commission.

Even council members have spoken as citizens and they have that right.  We are guaranteed by the First Amendment the right to free speech.  However, only people who do not have the best interests of the residents and the borough are not able to set personal issues aside to serve those whom they were elected by or volunteer for.

Do not mistake personality conflicts as a refusal to work with others for the benefit of all.  At least not for me personally.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Do You Really Know How Corrupt They Are?

Normally I love this town, but right now I am ashamed to the nth degree of the people that live in this town.  You back a corrupt local government who is afraid of a few citizens who actually call them on their crap. 

Chip Gazzerro, Pat McGlone, Cara DeStephano, Alex Rakoff et al. I am calling you out for your deplorable behavior.  When called on the carpet for dissolving the ONLY money making enterprise in the borough Chip Gazerro did the most impressive tap dance I have ever seen.  He admitted in an open council meeting that he and other council members conspired to get rid of the Historic and Parks Commission because you cannot make us bend to your crooked ways.  We adhered to the ordinances and asked for the council's help when the Mayor overstepped his bounds and this is what we get? 

Chip then said that the Shade Tree Commission was the same as the Historic and Parks and that it was talked about in meetings and OUTSIDE of meetings to dissolve H&P you hung yourself with your own words.

Then Mayor Maxwell who has delusions of grandeur turned beet red when Councilor Feldman asked him who would replace H&P, Main Street.  He couldn't even lie well about that one.  I knew that government was corrupt and I knew you all were as crooked as the day is long, but now you have proven it and ethics is certainly not your strong suit.

Oh by the way having the LT. there was not necessary unless he was there to protect Councilor Feldman from Chip Gazerro from his ongoing harassment of her.  See Mr. Gazerro we know how to conduct ourselves in public unlike you.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Inaugral Fraud

So tonight several council members and the mayor will be sworn in and it's a shame that only one person will honestly be doing it because she truly feels the residents need a voice.

Mayor Maxwell will be sworn into an office that means nothing to him other than to help him abandon his position again in Nov.  He does not want to be mayor he wants a bigger seat in Harrisburg, but he ran again in Downingtown to hedge his bets.  Maxwell will have to run against Josh Young from Caln and while they are both young and have been on the political scene for generally the same amount of time people in Harrisburg don't scoff or laugh when they hear Young's name.

You the residents voted back in a mayor that laughs at his constituents, won't vote for something he KNOWS is right, but because his name is involved won't break the tie the way it truly should go, takes credit for things that would have occurred whether he was in office or not, creates problems where there should be none and scoffs at the laws that apply to everyone else in and around town, but him.

So if you go to watch Maxwell being sworn in remember that he is going to be campaigning all this year.  He doesn't' care if he gets things done for you because you are a member of this community, he cares so that he can beef up his resume and hopes that no one looks to closely and sees that the emperor has no clothes.