Sunday, January 19, 2014

To Be Perfectly Clear

To be perfectly clear there is a very big difference between holding an elected official to the standards that are set forth by their election to their post as a citizen and keeping quite as a volunteer for the legislative body that both your positions are contained in.

As citizens we are called to keep our elected officials honest and above board.  To accomplish this goal there are many methods to do this; by blogging, speaking at meetings, and asking for documents in a right to know request.

None of the commissioners that were part of the now dissolved Historic and Parks Commission ever bashed council members as commissioners.  The mayor was asked to apologize to a commissioner by another commissioner when he brought his bias and issues to a public meeting of said commission.

Even council members have spoken as citizens and they have that right.  We are guaranteed by the First Amendment the right to free speech.  However, only people who do not have the best interests of the residents and the borough are not able to set personal issues aside to serve those whom they were elected by or volunteer for.

Do not mistake personality conflicts as a refusal to work with others for the benefit of all.  At least not for me personally.

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