Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Let It Go

I do not seem to have the time nor the inclination to continue writing this blog.  It's not worth the energy anymore.  If you want to know what is going on in Downingtown I urge you to check out this Facebook Page   Do You Know? Downingtown Politics 

I love Downingtown, just wish the people that run it would be more honest and it wouldn't be all about the good old boys club, but about what is best for the residents.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Blood on the Badge

Just the other day I saw the names on this plaque and understood that many more names can and will be added.  My heart began to break because the names that might be added in the very near future would not be there if it were not for those who feel that social justice means open season on law enforcement.

     I cannot begin to fathom the depth of the heart wrenching pain that the families feel when the knock comes at the door and they know before anyone speaks that their son/daughter/husband/wife/mother/father are not coming home.  These men and women know the moment that they walk out the door that they go into a battle with evil.  They do it freely so that we can safely lay our heads down at night and know that if we call they will be there, and yet we are the very ones that are bringing about their demise.

     All those who have participated in "die ins" who have walked around with your hands in the air, have stirred up rancour, the Sharptons, Jacksons, the President and the like, you cannot fan the flames of hatred and not expect the fire to spread.  Your excuses that you do not condone the violence no longer hold water.  We are bombarded with images and told consistently that our words matter; your words incite violence.  Your words caused children to now live without a parent, your words caused a business to flounder and be destroyed, your words have broken hearts and created a hatred far greater than the one you said you were fighting.

     If you want hate to stop you do not fight it with the same, you fight it with kindness.  Officers stand in the cold so that we can be safe at a parade celebrating a holiday, they bring the lost home and the evil to justice.  They stand in a gap that many cannot and yet we treat them with disdain, call them names and work to bring about their extinction.  They are the soldiers here at home and fight an enemy that is sometimes far less defined, yet we treat them with less respect than we do the soldier that fights in a foreign land.

     No one exists under the illusion that all men and women are good and that wickedness does not exist within the ranks, but the safety that is provided by those who care balances the scales.  The actions under the guise of civil disobedience have shown who the true racists and hate mangers are and who are the true villains.

     Make no mistake if you are not part of the real solution you are part of the problem and if you stir the hearts of men to do wrong then those officers who have and will die according to your commands, their blood is on your hands and the stain of evil is forever your legacy.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


I will never be called meek and I certainly have strong opinions, but I would like to address one person and the ignorant comments and nasty attitude that I was on the receiving end.

If you live in the borough then you have a right to complain, agree with or have an issue with how things are done, but if you don't live in the borough keep your opinions to yourself.  Show up at a council meeting before an issue becomes a dire situation or keep your mouth shut.

You don't want lights on a field that you live behind, show up and be present.  If you want sidewalks to be taken care of, show up and be present.  If you want borough codes to change or ordinances to be revisited to adjust them, show up and be present.  If you are having an issue with a borough contracted employee, show up and be present.  I could go on with all the other instances that can arise living in a 2 mile square borough, but I think you get the picture.

I can never be accused of not caring what goes on in the place I live whether you agreed with me or not.  However if you don't live in the borough have not been in attendance at council meetings and only read newspapers and transcripts to get your information A) keep your opinions to yourself and B) get over your self importance and learn that unless you have a pony in the race you have no right to be nasty, condescending or even involved in the process of what goes on in a borough that you don't even live in.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

What It Costs

What does it really cost to care?  A lot.  Even if you did not agree with me or anyone else that truly tried to change the tide of complacency at least we were willing to step out and try, but at this point the cost is too high.

What is really the worst part of the cost is being lied about and lied to.  I want to address one particularly egregious lie that was told by a prominent employee of the borough.  None of the volunteers of the former Historic and Parks Commission EVER called any council members or the mayor, assholes PERIOD.  First of all I cringed when I typed that word, but it was what was said in a meeting about us and it is simply, unequivocally, a flat out LIE.  Have I said that members of council were BEING buttheads?  Yep sure have, but I have NEVER called them a name as mentioned.

One other thing that has been bothering me is the duplicitous attitude and actions of a certain former member.  This person does not need to be named, but the actions need to be addressed.   Your resignation was nothing more than a smoke screen so that you could wiggle your way back into the good graces of those whom you called names and could not believe that they would "be that way".  YOU were the one who suggested how we approach council and sometimes had to be talked into tempering what was said.  I hope you are happy with how you have betrayed and treated those whom you called friends.  I hope that the new group of people that you will work with are aware that nothing can be done by anyone but those that you deem qualified nor can any money be spent for anything that it was intended for unless the work is done in house by under staffed overworked borough employees.

What is done is done.  Do I care anymore?  Nope not in the slightest.  Are any of us slinking away with our tails between our legs?  Hardly it's just that the cost is too high and most of us are unwilling to pay it anymore.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Prove It

I did not publish a comment here because as I said it's my playground.   You either play nice or leave.  However, I will address it.  The comment was something to the effect that  I was making things up.  So what am I making up?  Do you think the messages from Mayor Maxwell were made up?  I have them and I can show you anytime you like.  You can ask several people about the behavior that Mayor Maxwell displayed in an H&P meeting.  He is the one who lies.  He lied about me, he lied about his involvement in the Ghost Walk issue with the minor and he lied about contacting the solicitor about an ordinance.  But that is ok if you want to believe him.  It's hard to see past smoke and mirrors and I don't blame you.  I wish all the residents well as you will reap what you sow.  I have heard residents complain and groan, but are unwilling to do anything to stop whatever they feel is being done wrong.  I hope one day that those corrupt enough to think that no one is watching get caught and get caught big.  But I will sit back and let it all self destruct because I just don't care anymore.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Cannon Fodder

Check out the podcast from WCHE Frankly Speaking.

I then call all those officials of the borough that are gossiping and telling untruths to stop it, you are walking a fine line where defamation of character can be called into play and it makes you look incompetent.

You are vilifying individuals to justify your rotten treatment of them and in the meantime making yourselves look more and more ill equipped to handle the offices and positions that you hold.  Either get your story straight or stop with the hearsay.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Airing Dirty Laundry

Up till now I have kept quiet about the treatment that the mayor of Downingtown dishes out on a frequent basis in private, but since he is running for public office, maybe it's time for it to become public.

Mayor Maxwell was arrested for DUI Aug 20, 2011.  The Wednesday before he taunted me stating that I wanted to see him gone from politics.  I told him to be careful what he wished for, but that it wouldn't be at my hand.  The story hit the papers and comments abounded how Mr. Maxwell had made a mistake and that many others as young as he had made mistakes etc.  Admittedly I do not tolerate people who drink and drive at all.  We have all seen and been made aware of the consequences of even one beer or glass of wine being consumed, so no one can plead ignorance.  However, that is exactly what a mistake is.  It is creating or acting in a situation without prior knowledge of the consequences that could follow.  Therefore, Mr. Maxwell did NOT make a mistake he made a choice of which I pointed out to many whom commented that he was a good guy and made a mistake.  Comments also were made that the young man that Maxwell had run against in the prior election probably would have made the same mistake.  My rebuttal was that the opponent was mature, had a stable job, a wife and was living in his own home.  None of which Mr. Maxwell was doing at the time in fact he was living with his mother.  I also stated that there were great people in AA too, but that did not excuse their behavior.

Mr. Maxwell became incensed that his "mistake" was called into question and he felt that he could use his "mistake" to impugn my character.  Mayor Maxwell then used my comments as a way to gain leverage against me insinuating to me on the phone that H&P's budget was conditional on my remarks about his behavior and that council members had questioned why he would want to help me when I said he should be in AA and he was an alcoholic.  I still cannot seem to find that comment of mine anywhere!

Fast forward to January of the next year when Mr. Maxwell decided that he would make a run for the state rep seat against Becky Corbin.  A point to remember here is that Mr. Maxwell had entered the ARD program for "first offenders of DUI".  I happened to see a photograph of Mr. Maxwell on a then friend's wall that showed Mr. Maxwell at his fundraiser at Victory Brewery just 2 months after negotiating to enter the ARD program and I commented that it was a bit ironic his choice for a place to hold his fundraiser.  That most certainly did not sit well with Mr. Maxwell as he then decided to not only try and cast aspersions on me in Facebook messages, but also in a public meeting of the H&P Commission.  This is what he sent me on FB......"I supported you getting on H&P, it would not have happened without my support, and it was incredibly hurtful to see you criticize me for having a fundraiser at Victory, even tho i didn't or don't' drink"  He then proceeded to send the chairperson at that time numerous emails telling her to "do something with me."  When none of those tactics worked he showed up at a public meeting and proceeded to paint me in a light that he thought would get me kicked off the commission.  He lied and stated that MANY people had come to him and said that they wanted to volunteer, but that my presence made it impossible and that I had said things about all of them.  I offered to apologize to them personally face to face if indeed I had said something that hurt them if he would tell me who they were, but he tap danced around it saying that there were "just people"  sound familiar?

Mr. Maxwell was then called on the carpet by a fellow commission member and an apology was requested from him in an open council meeting.  Mr. Maxwell then decided to lie again and state that I had disrespected his mother at a time when there had been a crisis in their family and that he was sorry, BUT.  Mr. Maxwell I NEVER once did that.  I do not know your mother nor do I know your family history, nor do I care to.  I called you out on your DUI period, but since to you it's a mistake and you would rather sweep it under the carpet my comments became about anything, but what I really said.  This is all the tip of the iceberg Mr. Maxwell and there is just not enough blog space to account for your many machinations.

I do have to say congratulations Mr. Maxwell you managed to convince everyone that the H&P Commission members who actually care about the borough and do not like to be bullied by you or anyone else on council that we were evil incarnate and you never overstepped your bounds or lied to get what you wanted and the lies continue to this day, even though no one has said ANYTHING about you or council members that could be considered detrimental.  The residents of D'town may be fooled by your "Aw shucks, I'm just trying to help" attitude, but let's hope that the rest of the residents of the 74th district see right through you.