Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Blood on the Badge

Just the other day I saw the names on this plaque and understood that many more names can and will be added.  My heart began to break because the names that might be added in the very near future would not be there if it were not for those who feel that social justice means open season on law enforcement.

     I cannot begin to fathom the depth of the heart wrenching pain that the families feel when the knock comes at the door and they know before anyone speaks that their son/daughter/husband/wife/mother/father are not coming home.  These men and women know the moment that they walk out the door that they go into a battle with evil.  They do it freely so that we can safely lay our heads down at night and know that if we call they will be there, and yet we are the very ones that are bringing about their demise.

     All those who have participated in "die ins" who have walked around with your hands in the air, have stirred up rancour, the Sharptons, Jacksons, the President and the like, you cannot fan the flames of hatred and not expect the fire to spread.  Your excuses that you do not condone the violence no longer hold water.  We are bombarded with images and told consistently that our words matter; your words incite violence.  Your words caused children to now live without a parent, your words caused a business to flounder and be destroyed, your words have broken hearts and created a hatred far greater than the one you said you were fighting.

     If you want hate to stop you do not fight it with the same, you fight it with kindness.  Officers stand in the cold so that we can be safe at a parade celebrating a holiday, they bring the lost home and the evil to justice.  They stand in a gap that many cannot and yet we treat them with disdain, call them names and work to bring about their extinction.  They are the soldiers here at home and fight an enemy that is sometimes far less defined, yet we treat them with less respect than we do the soldier that fights in a foreign land.

     No one exists under the illusion that all men and women are good and that wickedness does not exist within the ranks, but the safety that is provided by those who care balances the scales.  The actions under the guise of civil disobedience have shown who the true racists and hate mangers are and who are the true villains.

     Make no mistake if you are not part of the real solution you are part of the problem and if you stir the hearts of men to do wrong then those officers who have and will die according to your commands, their blood is on your hands and the stain of evil is forever your legacy.

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