Sunday, January 20, 2013

Just A Thought

The more I sit here and think about this letter the more I seriously suspect that one sender could cull all those happenings into one single action.  Unless the letter were written by the couple that attend council meetings on a regular basis, Ginny, myself or my husband there is absolutely no way that this can be accredited to one author (if they be a true resident) unless the information was fed to them.  The reason that I say this is that the quotes that were used were not all from the same meeting, in fact they were from several meetings happening over months and unless it was written by any of the above no one in this town attends as many meetings as those I have pointed out.  I am sadly disappointed in the high school like antics of this council at times and am wondering if anything other than raising rates and taxes in the borough is going to be the legacy of this particular make up of council.

However, as the rumblings go in this town (when you live in a 2 mile square area you hear things) those who so far have made it known that they wish to join this circus frightens me almost as much.  Too many people see council and commission positions as fame and fortune so to speak and less for the fact that they want to help the borough and its residents.  All I can say is, residents please make sure you know who you are allowing to represent you, don't fall for smoke and mirrors, and make sure that you know their ultimate goal.  Don't allow those who are seeking headlines and notoriety to sway you into believing they care, because as it stands we have too much of that now and look where it has gotten us.....the recess yard in grade school where the popular kid calls the shy quiet one a childish name and everyone laughs until someone gets punished.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Council's New Year's Resolution

Anonymity is a strange thing, we as humans tend to hide behind it when we aren't brave enough to confront those we disagree with face to face.  Sometimes it's necessary so that a public persona is not damaged or if we are whistle blowing on a company we work for, but when it comes to political figures and elected officials why would someone want to hide their opinion?  Those people are in office because they won the majority of the vote and they are to speak for us.  If you disagree with a point, stance or opinion of theirs then it is your civic duty to let them know and do it "face to face." 

In the council meeting tonight a letter that had been addressed to each council person was about to be read in the open forum when the time came for "For the Good of The Order".  It started it out stating that the person had to do it anonymously and then legal council stepped in.  Once the smoke had cleared we all knew that the letter was not exactly praising staff as it was pronounced to be, but a letter to put down one specific council member.  Bet you can't guess who that might be...........

Before I go any further let me make this perfectly clear, I have not changed my position on many issues in the borough.  I am I tired of the legal wrangling that continues and do I now see a lot of what was started long ago as what I call "Council's Folly"?  Yes I do, but regardless of my position I have never hidden behind a wall of anonymity and I have never resorted to personal attacks that an official or staff member of the borough is evil incarnate.

For the Good of the Order, according to Robert's Rules for Dummies, is usually time set aside for members to offer comments or observations (without formal motions) about the society and its work, or time to offer a resolution to bring a disciplinary charge against a member for offenses committed outside of a meeting.  Normally in a borough council meeting notices of happenings in the borough are stated and kudos and "shout outs" are given for good deeds and events.  So as you see it is rarely used properly in this particular forum and again tonight it was misused.  The letter apparently contained slurs against one specific council member whom is disliked by many.  I will go on record that while my views on borough activities, ordinances and regulations most likely will be on the opposite side of the fence from this particular council person, she is not an evil woman and I can honestly say I like her and if it is for the betterment of the community I will willingly work with her.  However, there are just some people in this community that will not put differences aside.  You don't have to agree with the person, you don't have to even like them, but to constantly find ways to undermine and belittle them make you look small.  Making sure that this person does not get a chance to have her say, ask her questions and try to make her look more like a nuisance than someone who is trying to do the best that she can is shades of what we have in Washington DC and we can all see how far that has gotten us....right up to a cliff is where it has gotten us.  Do I agree with this person every time?  No.  Do long winded questions bother me? Yes. Do I and quite a few other people need to learn patience and humility?  Oh my yes.

I am asking as a citizen and resident of the Borough of Downingtown that the animosity stops here and now.  I am asking that chairpersons and presidents not let a little bit of power go to their head.  A little bit of decorum needs to be infused and a lot of humble pie needs to be eaten if things are going to get done around here.  Now is the's a new year...let that be your resolution.