Saturday, February 8, 2014

From Now On

I am all for free speech, but if you wish to post a comment on this blog and you malign my character you better have proof.  I am not small minded enough not to apologize if I am wrong, but everything I say here is my opinion on what I have observed directly.  Not some ill conceived notion of persecution or non attendance at a meeting.  This is my blog and either you play nice or your comment will be deleted.

Thursday, February 6, 2014


Whomever accused me of helping the crier for Downingtown DOES write the article about the council meeting needs to re-evaluate whom they accuse of what and make sure that you have your facts correct.  The crier for that site is a capable individual with fantastic writing skills.

I attended that meeting as a citizen and as a waiting to be ousted commissioner.  Let's be perfectly clear on a few things.  Whatever is written on Downingtown DOES has nothing to do with me what so ever.  What is written HERE is what my thoughts and feelings are on the corrupt council that now sits.

I am NOT under anyone's thumb and if you had your facts straight then you would know that for the longest time I was against Ann Feldman and her group and in fact filleted her several times in this blog.  However, my ego does not get in the way when I need to work with someone for the good of everyone like it does with council members.  Do I wish to see Kardon Park developed now.  No not really because we have spent way too much time and effort on something that now would not bring in as much money as was promised has caused several money issues for the borough and is now setting a bad precedent for the parks in the area.

As for Ginny.  While I worked with her she was a dedicated and delightful woman.  However, she did a 180 when she resigned from her position as Vice Chair.  She let many people know about her displeasure (and that is a nice way to say it) over the things that Josh had been doing and she was just as irate when council would blow past us, over us or around us for things done in the borough.  Unless she was an extraordinary actress that is how she conducted herself in our meetings.  Then the Ghost Walk issue with the mayor happened and while we had a major in house issue with several commission members it was resolved and the Ghost Walk went on and was successful despite the mayor.  When Ginny resigned she NEVER informed ANY commission member that she was doing that and even spoke about commission business with me before the meeting.  SHE made it personal and I now wonder what was on the back burner with this council as I look back on what she stated in her resignation letter about being brought back on at another time if the council would have her.  Really?  Sounds to me like some council members and the mayor were not the only ones making plans.  I do not doubt Ginny's dedication to the Log House and she has worked tirelessly for it, but we also deferred to her on many issues when we were apt to spend money on projects such as the Log House walkway (PW needed to do it according to Ginny) or "council wouldn't approve it" therefore many projects did not get off the ground or done.

I am tired of being blamed for downfalls or dissention.  Do I like most of council?  NO.  Do I respect the mayor?  Not in the least.  His reasoning for dissolving the H&P was the same unfounded, unproven accusations that he brought to an H&P meeting in June of 2012.  He hasn't changed his tune one bit.  He has never forgiven me for calling him out on his DUI and the fact that it was completely irresponsible for him to have driven once having a few drinks.  You decide when you see him in town next.  As for the others on council.  Cara DeStefano was friendly with me until I called her on her behavior over the election in which her campaign produced a flyer that basically called her opponent an uneducated dolt.  It was completely wrong on her part and she got into office under false pretenses as far as I am concerned.  She originally told people she was running so that Heather Bruno would not have a chance and get into office.  Ask her how much did Sara Peck donate to the campaign?  Chip Gazzerro just doesn't like anyone who sees through his "good ol' boy" routine and calls him out on his bullying and mean attitude in a council meeting.  He also doesn't like it when he is called on the fact that he will say and do one thing and then conveniently forget it when someone mentions his bad behavior.

I am relieved that I do not have to spend as many hours making sure that we please council and the mayor.  All I wanted to do was to help preserve the historic beauty of this town and to help create and work events in this town that could be attended by everyone for enjoyment and entertainment.  THEY made it the nasty business that it is, not I.  Backroom deals and walking the line of legality is not my idea of a person who wants to serve the residents, but then again maybe I am wrong and if I am then I will certainly be glad if I am not around in 10 years to see the trashy two bit tourist trap that could very well happen if what has been heard occurs.