Friday, December 14, 2012

I Was There

You chose to take Me out of the place where I was needed most today.  In fact you have chosen to remove Me from just about every place where I can most certainly be of service.  You have turned away from Me because you can do so well on your own.  But then when a day like today comes you ask Me, "Where were You God?"  I'll tell you where I was.....I held the hand of the little girl as she lay taking her last breath and whispered to her that everything would be OK and that she would be with Me soon.  I wrapped my arms around the mother who lost her only child to a violent act and held her while she cried.  I watched and placed a hedge of protection around those who could escape the mayhem and saw them to safety.  And yes, I did watch as a man unstable in a world that has made it possible for him to carry out the horror that resided in his head and I made sure that he took only those whom I needed home.

Now you are looking to Me and asking everyone to pray.  Why now?  Why not yesterday, why not tomorrow?  Because in time the memory will fade and the blame will be laid on the gun manufacturers or dealers, or the mental health field that didn't see this coming, or on schools not being safe enough and you will forget that before you pondered all that and more, you prayed.

Evil exists in the world you have created and yet you look to Me to stop what you have done.  I have asked many times over that you come to Me of your own free will and yet you refuse.  You scoff and complain that I don't exist, that I should not be allowed in the places I can do the most good.  My birth shall not be displayed because it might offend someone and forget mentioning me in mixed company.  Then a man or a woman succumbs to the evil that is brewing and you ask Me "Where were You?"  I was here watching and waiting for you to come to Me and making sure that no matter how bad it got you could go on.