Wednesday, October 23, 2013

When To Shut Your Mouth

When is it time for borough officials to own up to their mistakes?  When they have made them.  When is it time for them to shut their mouths?  When others are speaking.  When is it time to vote out officials from their office?  NOW!

Chip Gazzerro as council president needs to understand that he cannot bully people because his council seat is not his own personal bully pulpit, but that is what he uses it for, to bully people.  Tonight for the first time several council members stood up to him and called him on the carpet for using Downingtown Borough as his own little fiefdom.  Nick Winkler made it perfectly clear that council listens to other arms of the borough sometimes without even talking about it, but when it comes to the Historic and Parks Commission Chip Gazzerro has been heard saying if he doesn't like that commissions recommendation he will just change the ordinance.

Mayor Josh Maxwell's job is very limited in scope yet he constantly oversteps his bounds.  He would like to residents to think that he has nothing but the good of the borough in his thoughts and actions, however he ran against Becky Corbin for State Rep and we will be redistricted in 2014 and it is well known that he will campaign to fill that State position.  He will be campaigning at a crucial time in our borough and he will not be interested in the residents unless he can count on their votes for Harrisburg.

So on Tuesday when it comes time to vote you as the voter and resident need to consider these things.  Do wish for a Mayor who is only using you as a stepping stone or one that really cares about you and has no aspirations for higher office so dedication will not be an issue?  Do you also want a council member who feels it is within his rights to speak down to and bully other council members because he has a gavel and a title.  Twelve years is long enough.  Even diapers need to be changed to avoid the smell.