Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Just Sad Today

Why am I just sad today?  Because I gave someone the benefit of the doubt and thought they were smarter than what has been shown.  Who did I give the benefit of the doubt?  The voters and residents of Downingtown.

Now before you say or think it's just sour grapes.....I will admit I don't understand why more people did not see what I see in my husband and yes I am sad that this election went the way that it did, but I like the rest of you, will have to live with this salmagundi that was created yesterday.

What I don't quite get is how voters don't see past the smarmy smiles and the prevaricating laughter.  The gentleman that will again be mayor creates abilities in his job and himself that he has no control over.  The Mayor of Downingtown has no say in a business coming to town, he cannot fix a situation with a bus route or bus service as a voter was lead to believe yesterday at the polls, and he most certainly has no more "work to do" in the borough.  That is unless he wishes to clean up some of the messes he has left behind by overstepping his boundaries?  Would he like to apologize to businesses and residents alike for going to the Liquor Control Board hearings to force Molly Maguire's liquor license through under the KOEZ at the expense of several other businesses? Or help the residents personally who are now not able to park on their own street because of a new business being opened before they were ready?  Oh wait he can't do that because he can't seem to move his own car out of  a two hour parking zone with only one ticket on it before it was towed.  Would he like to explain why he had to put one of two violations accrued in Coatesville on the payment plan, but could be out looking for a new vehicle in September?  Would he like to personally apologize to the young people whom he disenfranchised during the last Ghost Walk because a supporter asked him to put his daughter in a program for years that was running smoothly when an age limit was placed on it for participants to be 16 and costumed characters to be 18 and he arrogantly side stepped the Commission putting on the walk and had a 12 year old in costume and then flat out denied his culpability in the action?

And then we get to council president.  I am not sure how the voters could in good conscience vote back in a man who has been seen by many harassing other council members and others who attend meetings.  How does one reconcile placing a bully back on a presiding council that decides your future?  A bully who will only let a person speak or an idea to be heard if he agrees with it and interrupts, talks down to and is plain nasty when he doesn't?  Who was heard making fun of the people of Downingtown at the polls when they ask questions and want things done, but are not part of his crowd of cronies. 

I am sad today because honor and integrity are not part of my home towns make up.  That people still vote in others that they know are doing things that are either illegal or walk a fine line between legal and criminal and sleep soundly at night.  I am sad today because so many voices did not make themselves heard and a good man lost an election and a borough lost their chance to be redeemed just a bit and given back some honor, dignity and virtue.