Sunday, January 20, 2013

Just A Thought

The more I sit here and think about this letter the more I seriously suspect that one sender could cull all those happenings into one single action.  Unless the letter were written by the couple that attend council meetings on a regular basis, Ginny, myself or my husband there is absolutely no way that this can be accredited to one author (if they be a true resident) unless the information was fed to them.  The reason that I say this is that the quotes that were used were not all from the same meeting, in fact they were from several meetings happening over months and unless it was written by any of the above no one in this town attends as many meetings as those I have pointed out.  I am sadly disappointed in the high school like antics of this council at times and am wondering if anything other than raising rates and taxes in the borough is going to be the legacy of this particular make up of council.

However, as the rumblings go in this town (when you live in a 2 mile square area you hear things) those who so far have made it known that they wish to join this circus frightens me almost as much.  Too many people see council and commission positions as fame and fortune so to speak and less for the fact that they want to help the borough and its residents.  All I can say is, residents please make sure you know who you are allowing to represent you, don't fall for smoke and mirrors, and make sure that you know their ultimate goal.  Don't allow those who are seeking headlines and notoriety to sway you into believing they care, because as it stands we have too much of that now and look where it has gotten us.....the recess yard in grade school where the popular kid calls the shy quiet one a childish name and everyone laughs until someone gets punished.


  1. This comes from a discussion in a linguistics class, so I thought I'd pass it along. This is a warning to people trying to write as if from an elderly person: Repetitive use of the word "amazing" is not common among the elderly. If an elderly person were talking about someone favorably, they would be more likely to use words like "marvelous" or "wonderful." Younger people use "amazing," and since they use that word so often, and to decribe even the most mundane things, it has become trite and meaningless.

    Speaking of meaningless, I don't recommend writing supposedly serious anonymous letters from yourself, "an elderly resident" or Bugs Bunny for that matter, especially if you are in the public eye and are deluded enough to think it will advance your career or bolster public opinion about you. You underestimate the public (or should I say peanut gallery?) if you think they won't figure it out. Besides, it's just a really stupid, pathetic thing to do.

    Bugs Bunny

  2. lol this is better then a movie

  3. I think you hit the nail no the head with this one. I used to agree that this was better than a movie, but it's more like a soap opera that actually has a serious impact on a lot of people. But, let's be sure to keep our social events!!!!