Wednesday, October 29, 2014


I will never be called meek and I certainly have strong opinions, but I would like to address one person and the ignorant comments and nasty attitude that I was on the receiving end.

If you live in the borough then you have a right to complain, agree with or have an issue with how things are done, but if you don't live in the borough keep your opinions to yourself.  Show up at a council meeting before an issue becomes a dire situation or keep your mouth shut.

You don't want lights on a field that you live behind, show up and be present.  If you want sidewalks to be taken care of, show up and be present.  If you want borough codes to change or ordinances to be revisited to adjust them, show up and be present.  If you are having an issue with a borough contracted employee, show up and be present.  I could go on with all the other instances that can arise living in a 2 mile square borough, but I think you get the picture.

I can never be accused of not caring what goes on in the place I live whether you agreed with me or not.  However if you don't live in the borough have not been in attendance at council meetings and only read newspapers and transcripts to get your information A) keep your opinions to yourself and B) get over your self importance and learn that unless you have a pony in the race you have no right to be nasty, condescending or even involved in the process of what goes on in a borough that you don't even live in.

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  1. Molly's shut its doors with little to no notice to anyone. Will they pay back the money they took from Downingtown TAXPAYERS ??? I doubt it. Does the Mayor even care? Why should he care he has never paid dime one into the system ... unless you count his bar tab at Station Taproom or Victory. Oh wait the Mayor has paid fines for an unregistered car, and a fine for a DUI but that does not really count does it. Maybe the parking tickets ... oh wait he probably did not even pay those. Downingtown is broken and I hate to say this but unless taxpayers show up to council meetings and have a voice it is only going to get worse. The system is corrupt as it can possibly be. Notice how the Mayor has been so very silent since he got his ass beat in the last election. HA sad part is we the residents are stuck with him for a few more years. Time for a clean sweep of council except for Ann Feldman and maybe Nick Winkler (but even he seems preoccupied) the rest are a total waste of space. Kara let those of us who voted for her down by leaving (maybe a blessing in disguise who knows) Pat seems ok if she is not corrupted by the current members. Maybe it is time to call my Realtor.

    I think I posted this in the wrong spot sorry