Tuesday, July 8, 2014

What It Costs

What does it really cost to care?  A lot.  Even if you did not agree with me or anyone else that truly tried to change the tide of complacency at least we were willing to step out and try, but at this point the cost is too high.

What is really the worst part of the cost is being lied about and lied to.  I want to address one particularly egregious lie that was told by a prominent employee of the borough.  None of the volunteers of the former Historic and Parks Commission EVER called any council members or the mayor, assholes PERIOD.  First of all I cringed when I typed that word, but it was what was said in a meeting about us and it is simply, unequivocally, a flat out LIE.  Have I said that members of council were BEING buttheads?  Yep sure have, but I have NEVER called them a name as mentioned.

One other thing that has been bothering me is the duplicitous attitude and actions of a certain former member.  This person does not need to be named, but the actions need to be addressed.   Your resignation was nothing more than a smoke screen so that you could wiggle your way back into the good graces of those whom you called names and could not believe that they would "be that way".  YOU were the one who suggested how we approach council and sometimes had to be talked into tempering what was said.  I hope you are happy with how you have betrayed and treated those whom you called friends.  I hope that the new group of people that you will work with are aware that nothing can be done by anyone but those that you deem qualified nor can any money be spent for anything that it was intended for unless the work is done in house by under staffed overworked borough employees.

What is done is done.  Do I care anymore?  Nope not in the slightest.  Are any of us slinking away with our tails between our legs?  Hardly it's just that the cost is too high and most of us are unwilling to pay it anymore.


  1. From the littlest towns to Washington, all politician's are corrupt and only out for themselves.

  2. I agree with you. The financial, historical, environmental AND emotional costs are very high. It’s not just being lied about and being lied to; it’s words of contempt and ridicule that come from those now or were recently in power at the local level. It’s also the deceit and lies that are being said by those employed at the local level.

    The people we elected and the people they now employ care very little about the history and historical value of the Borough. With the original Chapter that described the responsibilities of the Historical and Parks Commission completely erased from the Code, a new vague and abbreviated chapter was written specifically to allow certain deed-holders in the Historic District to do as they please and with obvious disregard with the fact that they are part of the National Historical Register. The ‘volunteers’ chosen for the new Historical Commission will be friends of the current Council and Administration. Most likely they will care as little as possible about the history of the Borough.

    They will have the same personal agenda as those on Council and their friends, who want to see their work, or that of their buddies, established here. Who knew that a developer’s obsession to build on a dedicated public park would have so much power? Do the residents of Johnsontown realize that there still may be a major divided roadway that will cut through Johnsontown Park? Was Council right to allow the builders of Race St. to tear down the Parson’s house? Is it OK that the Stormwater Management Ordinance and the Flood Control Ordinance, both approved and signed, have been ignored?
    There seems to be a major push to thwart or stifle the rights, concerns and the voice of the constituents who elected the candidates who presumably spoke the words the majority of the people wanted to hear. They will now do whatever they feel is necessary to get their agenda approved and done.

    They have the power to ignore the people? They are allowed to skirt the law to get their plans done? What if we do nothing to expose these exploits by local, county and state legislative elected officials?

    If we do nothing, what rights have we to complain?