Sunday, April 27, 2014

Prove It

I did not publish a comment here because as I said it's my playground.   You either play nice or leave.  However, I will address it.  The comment was something to the effect that  I was making things up.  So what am I making up?  Do you think the messages from Mayor Maxwell were made up?  I have them and I can show you anytime you like.  You can ask several people about the behavior that Mayor Maxwell displayed in an H&P meeting.  He is the one who lies.  He lied about me, he lied about his involvement in the Ghost Walk issue with the minor and he lied about contacting the solicitor about an ordinance.  But that is ok if you want to believe him.  It's hard to see past smoke and mirrors and I don't blame you.  I wish all the residents well as you will reap what you sow.  I have heard residents complain and groan, but are unwilling to do anything to stop whatever they feel is being done wrong.  I hope one day that those corrupt enough to think that no one is watching get caught and get caught big.  But I will sit back and let it all self destruct because I just don't care anymore.


  1. I did not write the comment as an accusation.

    I've been to enough Council meetings and heard about others I wasn't able to attend to know that Maxwell is obnoxious and can lie with a smile on his face.

    I believe that everything you wrote is absolutely true about Maxwell.
    I believe that Gazzerro, other members of council and members of the administration are within inches of a jail cell….or should be.

    You wrote: “I have heard residents complain and groan, but are unwilling to do anything to stop whatever they feel is being done wrong.”

    That is what I was writing about!

    Residents are afraid to speak up! How do you motivate people to stand up for their rights and community? People DO see that what is happening to Downingtown may not be in the best interest for the Borough but don't know what or why 'it' is.

    What started with a previous council, the borough is in a financial downward spiral. The agenda to ‘move Downingtown forward’ has been in the hands of a few who have not only ignored the pleas and complaints of the residents, but have made subtle and deliberate attacks ON the residents, businesses and the environment.

    WHY has the administration quietly been buying up pieces of land between the back of the Municipal building property to Viaduct?
    WHY was a concrete skate park approved in Kerr MEMORIAL Park’s floodway?
    How many people have complained about the new waste management company?
    Why hasn’t Molly Maguire’s been fined for obvious violations?
    Who has the Borough and its Council by the gonads?

    What would happen if more people really understood what is happening to their community?

  2. Just wanted to get ur input..... I know a few people that work at mollys iv been hearing that there pay checks have been bouncing for over a month .... could this be the end of our nuisance bar and all the parking issues?!