Saturday, April 12, 2014

Cannon Fodder

Check out the podcast from WCHE Frankly Speaking.

I then call all those officials of the borough that are gossiping and telling untruths to stop it, you are walking a fine line where defamation of character can be called into play and it makes you look incompetent.

You are vilifying individuals to justify your rotten treatment of them and in the meantime making yourselves look more and more ill equipped to handle the offices and positions that you hold.  Either get your story straight or stop with the hearsay.


  1. OK. I listened to the interview and it was pretty good. You and Ann Feldman brought up everything that had happened since the beginning of the year. Frank brought up suspicious and back room deals that have obviously occurred. You explained, in the blog posted below, what was probably a large part of the reason for the disbandment of H&PC.

    How many people do you think actually listened to the WCHE audio? How many people actually read your blog? How many Borough residents are honestly outraged by the political machinations of the Council AND their buddies?

    If you were to petition the residents of the Borough, would they sign their names in agreement with you?

    How many would agree with you but back away from signing anything that would show their discontent with the current Council? Why would they NOT want to show their frustration with this local government and their (unofficial) associated helpers? If they signed such a petition, would they be fearful of repercussions?
    Look what happened to the residents on Washington Ave when they complained about the lack of parking spaces in front of their own homes? Look what happened to H&PC when Maxwell made an arse of himself at a meeting a couple years ago?

    It’s obvious the local police will not help you if there is ‘malicious mischief’ in an around your neighborhood or those who signed a petition. It’s obvious that your State Representative or Senator will not help you. They are elected by the people but are only able to help the local governments.

    Feldman urged residents of the Borough to attend Council meetings. They should also attend as many Planning Commission meetings too. They should be going to these meetings with recorders and/or video cameras. The Borough no longer tapes these meetings and their brief summaries usually leave the most important information out.