Friday, March 27, 2015

Modius Operandi

This is a condensed version of the events that occurred in council this morning.

  After the behavior that was displayed this morning at the "special council meeting" a question cannot even be asked other than What the Heck? Millie Dixon applied for the newly formed Historic Committee and the Parks Committee. In fact she was the first applicant. She was then told that interviews would be scheduled and she notified council that she would need to be out of town to tend to her ill mother. When were the interviews conducted? The week that Ms. Dixon was away. Normally this would not be considered iniquitous, but this council is known for this type of thing. All other applicants were then voted on and approved except for Ms. Dixon. Ms. Dixon then became aggravated and while her attitude was not exactly friendly one would be hard pressed to not understand why. Ms. Dixon then called for a vote on her application. Last Wednesday the 18th of March a vote was cast that ended in a 3-3 tie for which the Mayor is called to break. Mayor Maxwell declined to vote and the meeting was adjourned. When Ms. Dixon did not let this go the mayor then had a private meeting with Ms. Dixon where he told her that she could volunteer and then in 6 months possibly be a voting member, otherwise her application was going to be vetoed. A special meeting had to be called due to the incomplete vote, however, the meeting was called for Friday March 27th at 9am. The meeting did not start at the proper time because the mayor was in NYC and the borough manager was trying to conference call him in. He was not needed at this meeting since the meeting was called when at least one council member that voted FOR Ms. Dixon was not going to be present and council president knew this. Then Council president along with others complained during the meeting that they needed to be at work. President Gazzerro if you had started the meeting promptly at 9am this may not have happened. Council needed to be reminded that this needed to be conducted like other meetings so citizens to be heard needed to happen. Ms. Dixon spoke along with Councilor Feldman. Gazzerro was rude to both ladies and most especially to Ms. Feldman. Councilor Feldman walked out in protest and had Councilor Winkler done the same a quorum would not have existed. Unfortunately Mr. Winkler brought the motion to the floor to have his say. He did make the point that there are many people that he does not like on committees yet he will work with them. The Council dissolved the previous H&P and complained it was due in partly to not having enough volunteers and yet here is someone who was begging to be part of the newly formed committees and they were turning her away was Mr. Winkler's point. The vote was taken and as was expected Ms. Dixon was voted down. Regardless of who the person was that was to be voted on Ms. Dixon was NOT treated fairly in the slightest and that is the M.O for this sitting council in its majority. Shame on you all.

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