Monday, January 6, 2014

Inaugral Fraud

So tonight several council members and the mayor will be sworn in and it's a shame that only one person will honestly be doing it because she truly feels the residents need a voice.

Mayor Maxwell will be sworn into an office that means nothing to him other than to help him abandon his position again in Nov.  He does not want to be mayor he wants a bigger seat in Harrisburg, but he ran again in Downingtown to hedge his bets.  Maxwell will have to run against Josh Young from Caln and while they are both young and have been on the political scene for generally the same amount of time people in Harrisburg don't scoff or laugh when they hear Young's name.

You the residents voted back in a mayor that laughs at his constituents, won't vote for something he KNOWS is right, but because his name is involved won't break the tie the way it truly should go, takes credit for things that would have occurred whether he was in office or not, creates problems where there should be none and scoffs at the laws that apply to everyone else in and around town, but him.

So if you go to watch Maxwell being sworn in remember that he is going to be campaigning all this year.  He doesn't' care if he gets things done for you because you are a member of this community, he cares so that he can beef up his resume and hopes that no one looks to closely and sees that the emperor has no clothes.

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