Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Abandoning His Post

Wow two blogs in one day I guess you can call me Blabcock.

However, today is a special day since the mayor of Downingtown has announced that he will pursue the new State Representative Seat for the 74th District.  This new district encompasses Caln, Coatesville, Downingtown, East Caln, East Fallowfield, Modena, Parksburg, South Coatesville, Sadsbury and Valley.  Josh Young who also was newly elected to his office in Caln is slated to run.

I wonder how they each feel about abandoning their constituents that they said they would represent before they have even taken the oath of office.

So Mr. Mayor how inflated will your resume become?  What will it indeed include.  Heading minor league projects in a small borough is not exactly working at the state level.  Heck with Downingtown being as small as it is it's barely working at a local level.

I am wondering if you will try and deceive the voters into believing that you can balance a budget because you sat on council while they did all the hard work and you sat up there and alternately smirked and laughed at inappropriate moments.  I wonder if those who live here in D'town who think they are your best buds will support you IF you get a bigger office since you will most likely drop them like a hot potato unless they have at least an MBA.  I wonder if being in charge of a police department and not learning to let those who know best lead looks good on a how will I help this state statement.

Admittedly the local Republican party does not have their ducks in a row let alone want to get their fingers dirty to put up a candidate that has a prayer against your down home aw shucks appearance, but really I am wondering how a candidate who thinks and is above the local law in a lot of instances can make it in the big time.  Oh wait that would just be politics as usual wouldn't it?

I feel bad for those who worked so hard to get you elected as mayor again.  You in a sense duped them.  They thought that they were getting another four years of Josh Maxwell as mayor and what they were really getting is your duplicity along with the rest of the residents of Downingtown.  See not even some of your "friends" knew that you would have to announce your intentions so fast.  Even I had guessed late and I knew what was coming.

But this should be par for the course shouldn't it since you seem to thrive on disenfranchising residents and voters at a rapid pace.  Challenge me on this and we can just go ask the residents on Washington Ave. behind Molly McGuire's which opened for all intents and purposes for your fundraising to do on October 8th WAY before they were ready to handle patrons.  Better yet go ask some of them personally yourself I am sure they would like to know that you plan to make it to Harrisburg on their backs.


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  1. I'm one of the residents on Washington and MR MAXWELL. I just want to thank you soooooo much for all the problems that can with ur mollys hang out :( .... hope you fall flat on you face!