Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Do You Really Know How Corrupt They Are?

Normally I love this town, but right now I am ashamed to the nth degree of the people that live in this town.  You back a corrupt local government who is afraid of a few citizens who actually call them on their crap. 

Chip Gazzerro, Pat McGlone, Cara DeStephano, Alex Rakoff et al. I am calling you out for your deplorable behavior.  When called on the carpet for dissolving the ONLY money making enterprise in the borough Chip Gazerro did the most impressive tap dance I have ever seen.  He admitted in an open council meeting that he and other council members conspired to get rid of the Historic and Parks Commission because you cannot make us bend to your crooked ways.  We adhered to the ordinances and asked for the council's help when the Mayor overstepped his bounds and this is what we get? 

Chip then said that the Shade Tree Commission was the same as the Historic and Parks and that it was talked about in meetings and OUTSIDE of meetings to dissolve H&P you hung yourself with your own words.

Then Mayor Maxwell who has delusions of grandeur turned beet red when Councilor Feldman asked him who would replace H&P, Main Street.  He couldn't even lie well about that one.  I knew that government was corrupt and I knew you all were as crooked as the day is long, but now you have proven it and ethics is certainly not your strong suit.

Oh by the way having the LT. there was not necessary unless he was there to protect Councilor Feldman from Chip Gazerro from his ongoing harassment of her.  See Mr. Gazerro we know how to conduct ourselves in public unlike you.


  1. It is with deep sorrow that I watch what the Borough bully and cronies do at each meeting. The lack of regard for the citizens and the good of the borough is astounding. If the citizens knew what was being done by this group there would be riots in the streets. I guess that is why the meetings are not broadcasted.

  2. What’s REALLY upsetting is that most political candidates say what the residents want to hear and then, when elected, work on their own agenda to destroy the community. It’s pretty obvious that, for the past 15 years, the majority of the local elected officials have been working to 1) destroy the work and good names of others; 2) Amend ordinances specifically to stifle opposition of others; 3) get their friends development jobs, Board and Commission memberships; 4) skirt or bend the Federal, State, County and local laws as much as possible…and get away with it.

    What I saw last night is obvious and blatant disregard for the residents and others who have tried to keep this Borough from falling apart!

    WHY was Molly’s given a TEMPORARY occupancy and use permit (October) when the proposed parking lot has not been completed?

    WHY was the River Station East conditional use permit denied when it was obvious all conditions were or would be met by the developer?

    WHY is Council deliberately doing whatever it can to destroy the ONLY honest elected council member…and at the financial detriment of the municipality?

    To many, it is obvious that the reason the council wants to dissolve the Historical and Parks Commission is to put in ONLY people who agree with their deceitful and unethical local government. And, yes, most people agree who will take charge if the dissolution occurs.

    @Anonymous above: I agree with you 100%. Esp. "If the citizens knew what was being done by this group there would be riots in the streets"

    What would you suggest be done to make sure the majority of the residents know and understand what is happening to their community?


    1. Pat I don't know I wish I had an answer. People have said that they don't need to attend council meetings because they can read the minutes, but the minutes do not reflect what really goes on in the meetings. During the meeting referenced above Mayor Maxwell told Ann Feldman that she was flat out lying yet in the recording for the meeting where they tabled the Solicitation Ordinance Mayor Maxwell clearly says, "How many emails Andy?" Now the only person in that room named Andy would be the solicitor for the borough Andy Rau, so unless Mayor Maxwell has acquired a "friend" that only he can see one would be hard pressed not to conclude that Andy is Andy Rau.

      Then at the meeting above President Gazzerro had council members take a vote on the Shade Tree Commission to dissolve it and THEN when he put H&P on the chopping block he did an end run around both Councilors Winkler and Feldman when it was said then that it was a vote to advertise with intent to vote on getting rid of chapter 39.

      Residents don't see this kind of fast and lose because they don't go to meetings so when elections come up they are hornswoggled into thinking that these people only care about the town. How did Pat McGlone know to vote to get rid of H&P without questioning anything when it was her very first council meeting where anything was accomplished. Could it be as was said that SOME council members had meetings outside of council chambers or an executive session? Is that legal?

      The reason given was that they wanted to bring in more volunteers. No ladies and gentlemen you wanted volunteers that would bend to your way of thinking. You didn't want volunteers that you had to do such an artful tap dance to make look bad and you wanted ones that would never think of calling you on the carpet for not doing your jobs.

      Well good luck with that as several of the events that we planned will only be able to go off with the connections we have and some are even copyrighted so don't thin that you can just recreate what was done right the first time.

  3. Let's be clear what the problem is: Chip lacks any capacity to lead and so he engages in extortion and thuggery in it's place.

    Molly's got a $500k interest free grant and a tax free KOEZ status at the exact same time the developer of Sonoco was being extorted for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Why aren't parents of DHS kids asking why real estate taxes earmarked for education are being used to subsidize a bar? Josh Maxwell falls over himself to show he "supports Downingtown schools" - the reality is that he has NOTHING to do with Downingtown schools EXCEPT that he supported a plan that diverts education tax dollars FROM our public schools TO an Irish bar.