Monday, May 20, 2013

What is the truth?

So tomorrow is the primary and it's getting ugly on some fronts.  The West Ward of Downingtown candidates are fairly quiet other than a few non truths being perpetrated early on by people you expect to do so.  The East Ward however is...I'm not sure even how to explain it.

The two candidates for the East Ward are Ann Feldman and Phil Dague.  If you have followed this blog at all you know that Ann Feldman and I were not exactly what you would call fact we were as far apart on issues as one could possibly be.  With that said I think Ann is getting the short stick on the East end.  First of all, yes, Ann did switch parties from Republican to Democrat and I being a life long registered Republican (although party means little to me) asked he why she would do something like that.  Instead of the answer that some are touting as her reasons she told me, "I felt that they were no longer the party that held the same ideals as I do, especially locally."  It had nothing to do with being afraid of another candidate, or being duplicitous as the rumor that is being spread has said. 

There are plenty of other things to bring forth about a candidate that are true rather than to turn something innocent into more than it is.  If that is all an opposing candidate has then what is the point of voting for them?  Have a platform.  Have an issue.  Have something rather than lies and innuendoes.

My husband is working hard just because he loves this town and it has nothing to do with having lived here all his life, or hating someone else.  It has to do with he wants to be the voice of the people of Downingtown.  God bless him because he had more patience than I to suffer fools gladly.  Tony has no agenda of his own just the interests of the residents.  So when you go to the polls tomorrow think about that.  Think about what you really want from your candidates.


  1. I am a resident of the West ward, and unfortunately I wasn't home to ask him myself when he left a flyer on my door yesterday. What are your husband's thougts on Kardon Park? If, for instance, the courts come back and say no, would he go along with the status quo of fighting on and on to get it developed? Or would he move on to other more achievable goals? If the courts came back with the go ahead to develop it, would he be pro development no matter what? This is an issue that's important to me, so his stance on this would definitely affect my vote. Thanks.

  2. I would not continue to spend taxpayer money and fight Kardon Park any longer. I think at this point it is a waste of time to continue to go after this. I am happy with whatever the courts decide. I think the council has wasted enough time and effort on Kardon Park. I will not go along with any status quo on any issue. It is not about me but rather what the people want. So NO I will not continue to in a fight to sell Kardon Park.


  3. OK…so you say everything is quiet on the West Ward front and political party affiliation has become irrelevant. Apparently so! Senator Toomey is sounding more like a Democrat every day!

    Council members that have become tools for others with personal agendas for Downingtown should be kicked out AND those on the ballot for the same reason should not be voted in.

    Anyone who has observed a council meeting in action can tell exactly who the members of the Complicitous Party are.

    Hope Tony gets enough write-ins to be on the ballot in November.


  4. Thank you for your answer, Tony. Those of us in flood prone areas of the West ward would not like to see that park developed whether the courts say yes or no.

  5. Isn’t it a little hypocritical for Phil to accuse Ann of switching parties based only on electoral maneuvering when he, himself, is urging those registered in the other party to write him in on the primary ticket, effectively running in BOTH parties? Just saying.