Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fanatical Funeral

Just the other day a young reality star and his passenger were killed when the Porche they were in jumped a guard rail, hit several trees and burst into flames on impact on the 322 Bypass.  This young man was Ryan Dunn and his passenger Zachary Hartwell.  I was saddened to hear that two young men were cut down in the prime of their lives, but yet was puzzled by the over the top reaction from the media and local residents.  Later that day I had to travel to West Chester to my parents' house and I take that route to get there.  At first I thought there had been another accident as I saw flashing lights and people milling around near the intersection of the bypass and the Route 100 on ramp.  What I did see sickened me.  There was not another accident....the police were there because there were so many gawkers and lookee lou's that police presence was needed.  People were taking pictures and videos from the side of the road and the overpass.  Two people died and it was like a paparazzi frenzy!  When I returned home that night and the next day Facebook posts, videos and pictures abounded lamenting the loss of Mr. Dunn and very little about his passenger Mr. Hartwell.  Listening to the news it was said that people were taking whatever they could salvage from the wreck site and selling it on eBay.  I don't think there have been many other times that I have been this appalled, sickened and completely disgusted at the attitudes, actions and downright disrespect for the dead in my life.

Ryan Dunn gained fame as part of the crew from the Jackass films.  I was never a fan of this kind of foolishness and I fail to see the humor in completely idiotic stunts that these men performed.  But I do know that Mr. Dunn and some of his associates created a bit of havoc around the surrounding area of West Chester, driving too fast, riding their skateboards without care, and dropping various objects and crude materials off of rooftops.  Shortly before the accident Ryan tweeted photos of him partaking of alcohol at a local pub in West Chester.  Although tox screens will not be available for weeks accident reconstruction has said that is is very possible that Mr. Dunn was driving in access of 130 miles per hour.  The stretch of road Mr. Dunn was on is a fairly straight stretch of road with no twist and turns in which over correction could be a huge factor in the car jumping the guard rail

Bam Margera was taken to the crash site yesterday and showed great emotion at the loss of his friend for which I am truly sorry, but he then proceeded to give an interview to Fox News at the scene.  Maybe I am cynical but if my best friend had died the last thing I would want to do is give an interview to a news station especially if I was broken up and crying.  I think that is part of the reason I am appalled at the reactions and actions of "fans" and friends.  So called friends wanting video of the crash site, fans looking to make a buck on a dead person, gawkers who have to travel to a site of tragedy to maybe get their 15 minutes of fame, and close friends giving interviews while breaking down emotionally.

Ryan Dunn was a reality star and I am sorry that his life was cut short, but his death is all over the news and Internet, Zachary Hartwell served his country and fought for the right for Mr. Dunn and his associates to create the kind of dreck that they did and he is just a immensely sad is that?


  1. Above all else this is just a tragedy. 2 people are dead and not just 1 the shame in this is everyone is focused on the celebrity and not the passenger. I guess that is what fame gets you in the end. Forget the fact that alcohol may have been involved at this point it does not even matter. The point is that 2 people died and Zach has been hardly mentioned at all. I understand Bam is in mourning and the family is grieving the loss of a friend. That is to be expected and welcomed. What I do not understand is all of the people who are going to the crash site to pick up a souvenir of the accident?? How sick is that!!

  2. Thats america for you. :'(