Sunday, May 29, 2011

Try To Remember

So many times in the hustle and bustle to get "down the shore" the whole reason for the weekend that ushers in the summer season is forgotten.  Memorial Day is a time to remember those men and women who have fought, are fighting and will continue to fight for the freedoms we all have.  I will never take any thing away from those brave men and women, but a small group of people, I feel, need to have some recognition on this day........the families.  We get so wrapped up in supporting our troops that we sometimes forget that those young men and women are someones child, someones parent or someones spouse and while they go proudly off into the night those left behind to keep the home fire's burning live through things that we can only imagine.  Think of the father who is brought to his knees when the commanding officer and the chaplin are at his door, or the children who will never know their father, or the wife who is three months pregnant and was just waiting for the love of her life to come home and share the news.  Just as the soldier transcends the sands of time so do the families who proudly watch as their loved one rides off on the family horse,  climbs aboard a huge ship to take them across the sea or boards a plane to take them to destinations we have only heard of.  So this weekend when you are saluting the brave men and women who have served, are serving, and will serve please remember to say a little prayer for those they leave behind for without the steadfast family these young people could not do what they do with a clear conscience, knowing that they have a home full of love to come back to.

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