Monday, May 16, 2011

The Quiet Gentleman

Matt Zaun is running for one of the two seats that will be vacant on the East Endof the borough.  He is a very quiet, but well spoken young man and has a true heart to serve Downingtown. So without further ado I shall let Matt speak for himself.

Q:One of the goals that you mentioned as part of your campaign is that you want to if possible not raise taxes or keep them low. How do you think this can be accomplished when all the other municipalities are raising taxes at alarming rates?

A:I know that we can keep taxes low in Downingtown. The reason why many municipalities fall into the trap of raising taxes year after year is fear. They are afraid to make challenging decisions and to make cuts when needed. It's amazing to me how many elected officials lack common sense when it comes to proper budgeting. So, my plan is simple. I will step in and support the discussion and application of the hard decisions that are necessary to keep our budget balanced. I will aim to create a business friendly environment in our borough, in the interest of boosting our revenue. Additionally, I will take advantage of many state and national grants available to Downingtown, catching and pursuing opportunities that may have otherwise passed us by. Keeping taxes low in Downingtown is important, and it will remain a high priority for me while in office.

Q:Another goal you mentioned is smart growth. What do you or would you consider smart growth and where could Downingtown best benefit from it?

A:Living in an area that is beautiful, safe, affordable, and easy to get around in is a goal for all residents in Downingtown. Smart growth means promoting a business friendly Borough while preserving the great historical elements of Downingtown. It creates a healthier Borough with strong local businesses. Smart growth encourages local shops to move into Downingtown, creating jobs and adding to the foundation of our economy. Smart growth makes sure that revitalization and new businesses are brought into our Borough in a way that does not take away from our historical charm. I wholeheartedly believe in smart growth - celebrating our history while ushering in opportunity.

Q:What is the best asset/skill that you could bring to Borough Council?

A:I have a business background, I've helped non-profit organizations with budget issues, and I currently serve on the Historical and Parks Commission. The skills I've gained in these roles will be helpful for me in office. However, what I believe to be my best asset is my desire to be in constant communication with Borough residents, because I do care. Credentials are great, but why does that matter if you don't listen to the residents? The whole reason that I am running lies within my strong desire to see a positive impact on the Borough. I realize that this can only happen when the residents are involved and we as council members make decisions that will improve their quality of life.

Thank you Matt for participating and good luck at the polls tomorrow.


  1. I have talked to Matt Zaun about his heart for Downingtown and it's great to see someone that loves the charm we have here and wants to make it better without changing what we love. I feel like he is serious about wanting to listen to us. It's about time!

  2. it is refreshing to see a young man with a heart for service. It would be awesome to see someone of his caliber on the council. Downingtown needs to sweep out the career people in there that started off for the good of the community and have since long lost the zest and zeal. Don't get too comfy in your chair Chip

  3. Matt can be found at!/pages/Matt-Zaun/131906433552216

  4. I was so happy to learn that Matt is running. He is so down-to-earth. I love how he just listens to me and understands all of my concerns. Doesn't really strike me as a "politician" although I think that's what we need. He is young but still has a lot of wisdom when it comes to dealing with people and issues in town.