Saturday, July 2, 2011

Growing Pains

I have been involved in many organizations, clubs, jobs, businesses and the like and I don't think any one of them did not experience growing pains.  It all starts off with a great idea and people jump on the bandwagon because they are excited and ready to get the work done.  At first not a lot gets done because everyone is still trying to define their roles and the exact cause or venture is not clear.  But then cooler heads prevail and organization creeps in, roles are defined, goals are created, rules are established and a heirarchy is created.  Things begin to move in a very positive direction until the first speed bump is encountered.  That may come in the form of a roadblock to a goal or a personality conflict within the group itself, eventually this will correct itself in the form of a reworking of the goal or one member leaving and that sometimes lends itself to a stronger working relationship between those who are left.  However, like any good recipe it needs to be tweaked every so often and sometimes this can be the most painful time for any group, organization or business.  Clashes over goals, objectives and achieveing these things become common place and a restructuring of the make up of the group becomes a necessary evil.  Yet, when the storm passes it might leave a very different profile of what was first's not a bad thing, just different.  In the end it is a part of life, a part of maturing and it's nothing more than growing pains.

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