Monday, February 28, 2011

Holding Their Feet To The Fire

I recently had a heated discussion with some acquaintances about some of our elected officials (you're not surprised are you? lol).  I will come right out and say it...I do not like the administration that is in office right now.  Am I a racist, not in the least, am I a right wing nut, haven't had to use the straight jacket for awhile now, so no and do I hate liberals, no some of them are quite nice.  However, I believe that no matter who is in office you need to hold them to a higher standard than the average Joe.  If I gave them my vote it's because I thought they could accomplish in DC or Harrisburg what I could not do on my own and they are supposed to represent my interests to the best of their ability.

I am quite disgusted at how the present administration is pushing through legislation that no one reads, yet they call it the next great fix and how they have decided that we are to be the "nice one" in the equation when dealing with people who want to kill us.  They purported to run on Hope and Change, but what we appear to have gotten is that they are going to make the changes they want and hope you don't notice.  I am not going to get into the long drawn out details or my specific gripes because, well, I have other things to do today and the list is long, but there is something specific that is bugging me.

I will hang my head and say, "Yes I have an account on Facebook."  But in my defense I am living in PA and I went to High School in Colorado, so a lot of my HS friends are still back in Colorado, FB is the best way to keep in touch.  However, I also have a few friends that are elected officials in various capacities.  Now here is the thing that bugged me.  One of my friends has his job in Harrisburg and I voted for him with no trepidation and did not even have to think twice, (here it comes wait for it) BUT regardless of that I am not going to blindly follow what he suggests in my best interest just to get a big thank you comment on my FB page.  There were a couple of bills that this person was for and his conviction impressed me, yet there was something I am still sitting on the fence about and I voiced my opinion.  Both the comments before and after mine were praise and worship.  I see nothing wrong with that, but are we not supposed to question our leaders when we are not sure of something?  Are we not supposed to hold their feet to the fire when we think that something is not in our best interest?  And lastly are we not supposed to hold them accountable to the promises that they made while campaigning and sometimes the main reason we voted for them instead of "the other guy"?

I guess when it comes to the world of politics I should get some experience in cage fighting since it can get bloody and violent before you know it.  One thing I do know is no matter if I like your stances, ideas and ideals, I am not going to stop questioning your motives and moves if I am not sure that it is in my best interest.  So be prepared to have your feet held to the fire.


  1. Something I read somewhere is:

    An elected person without accountability ceases to be an official and becomes a tyrant.

    On our best day we are only human. I would think those in a position of leadership would welcome the hard questions, unless they have something to hide.

    Any individual who has been elected knew full well going into the job, that it would not be an easy one. They have to accept that questions concerning motives and decisions made, come with the territory. Leadership by example is incredible hard. The whole do as I say not as I do, seems to be the normal in politics today. So fire away with those hard questions and continue to make the leaders accountable. We pay them to do that job, we put them there, and we need to take them out when they fail us.


  2. If you don't like President Obama and what he stands for it certainly does not make you a racist. Myself? I like him. The 2012 election will be interesting. I wonder who the Republican nominee will be?