Monday, February 14, 2011

A Little Cheese With The Whine

So many people have been complaining today and it's not just the normal eww it's Monday kind of lament it seems to be because it's Valentine's Day. As a kid I was usually sick around this time of year so Valentine's Day used to mean a trip to the doc for strep or bronchitis. However, for so many it's a time when they express their love. What I find a shame is that they have to wait for one particular day. What is wrong with treating your loved ones to chocolate candies, cards of appreciation, hugs, kisses and dinners more than once a year? Does Valentine's Day mean that you can treat your loved ones like crap the rest of the year and make up for it in one day?

If you look up who Valentine's Day is named after each one of the many "saints" and others were martyrs. Now I don't know about you, but celebrating peace love and understanding on a day that someone chose for martyrdom is not my idea of romantic love...or even familial love.

I appreciate the many times that my sons will hug me or kiss me on the cheek during the year, or when my husband tells me, "I love you" or my friends tell me that they have my back. I don't want to wait till one day a year to hear those kinds of things....and we are not guaranteed that we will make it each year to that particular day. So is it really in our best interest to make such a big deal over a day that should only enhance the relationships that you have that you wouldn't trade for anything? I love each one of my friends in a special way, my family is the light of my life and I don't want to wait for ONE day out of the year to tell them make the most of the time you have with each of your loves everyday, because who knows what tomorrow may bring.



  1. Some very strong points here Elaine. I think we could all use some of this wisdom and treat others better on an every day basis.


  2. And no one whines more than you, Elaine. At least you found your calling in life.

  3. of course there had to be one ignorent person with the mentality of a 2 year old who would post above me pointing the finger at somone else FIRST. I guess it would be too much to ask that they do a real self examination. But i understand it is much easier to post and run like a coward then to stand up and do something different. it is easier to make an anonymous post spewing hate then to sign your name to your post. Fear is such a strong emotion. It causes people to make snap decisions like the coward above me. I consider the source and realize yet again that the sickest people do not know they are even sick.


  4. Wow whomever the poster is above Tony has got a real chip on their shoulder. Why don't you come out and tell me who you really are and why you are such a hater. What did I do to you? But if this person is true to form like all the other detractors out there a lame excuse will be forthcoming that they don't have to put their name on a post to get their point across. Well guess what, if you don't lay claim to your words, they mean nothing.

  5. This is addressed to the poster who stated that I whined. You know it takes very little guts to post anonymously and even less hutzpah to call someone names while not even giving a reason for them. Whomever you are, you are at the very least a coward and at the most a big blowhard. If you do not have the cojones to post something like that under your own name why bother? So you can look big and important for about a second? If you have a beef with me at least be adult enough to fully disclose what your problem is and with your own name.

    If this happens to be Chris then I seem to recall you saying that if I did not post anything about Kardon Park or Ann Feldman then you would not comment...if this is you you lied.

    Whomever it is...I suggest you grow up and quit posting and running unless you really do wish to be branded a coward.

  6. Nope...not me. It's not my issue.

    And I have not missed that you have posted three commentaries without slamming FOKP or Ann Feldman.