Thursday, March 31, 2011

Long Time No Words

Recently I was reminded that I had not had much to say here lately.  Part of the problem has been life interfering and the other part is that so many things have been going on that it is hard to pick one particular incident to discuss.

Our community group has been keeping me pretty busy as we are still working on the parking issues for East Church Street, we have several events in the making and we formed a few committees to tweak and enhance our ability to help residents in Johnsontown.  Also the president of our community group Nick Winkler announced his intentions to run for one of the soon to be vacant seats on Borough Council, for which I fully support him.

There has also been another surprise.....I have found myself in the position to work with Councilwoman Feldman.  She graciously offered to be a liaison between our community group and the council.  I have to say that while this does not change my position or thoughts on the Kardon Park issue nor the East Caln plot of land, I have been happy to have her assistance especially when dealing with individuals on certain committees.

As several of these events unfold I am sure that I will have more words and possibly more time to put "pen to paper" so to speak.....but for now life is getting in the way.

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