Wednesday, May 12, 2010

We have been computerized

What a meeting is was last night!  The Daily Local News came and with not much more than an IPhone, a tripod and a great photographer, our meeting was streamed onto the web.  We had two great speakers:Jack Law-Public Works and Councilman Bob Smith.  Mr. Law gave us some great insight as to what to do to get things done in our little part of town and when we can schedule others.  He has been a good friend to Johnsontown and I am sure we will experience a long and prosperous time together.  Bob Smith was gracious and patient with us even when it became a little heated about the bridge project for Johnsontown Park.  Josh Maxwell was also there and he helped calrify some points on the project, but it's a hot button topic and I am sure that we will see and hear more about it.  I, myself do have to apologize to Mr. Smith, as I was the one who brought up the bridge project not realizing that it would put him in the kind of spot that it did and not intending it to become that heated.

I think as a group we did learn that we need to start attending council meetings on a more consistant basis, that our executive board needs to hone the skills that we do have, and that we do have a voice, we just have to learn to channel that sound to the apropriate places.  Can we up the quality of life in our neighborhood and maybe even "fight City Hall"?   Time will tell.  I have every confidence that together we can.

Johnsontown Community Group

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