Monday, May 24, 2010

Clean It Up

Last Saturday, the Johnsontown Community Group had our second neighborhood clean up.  Several residents along with the Mayor of Downingtown joined in our efforts.  It appeared that the streets and alley ways were not as trash laden as they had been.  We had staged a clean up in November right after Halloween and it is possible that that along with our presence in the neighborhood others are not as tempted to throw their trash in unacceptable places.  We did discover though that there is a need to concetrate on Johnsontown Park as that seems to be the place that people feel that their refuse will not be discovered.  A Ford pick up truck bed liner was found, washing machine parts, bed springs and maybe an old mattress, car parts and all sorts of other blech was uncovered during our time out and about.  We are planning another day in the fall so come join us if you can and we hope to see everyone at our next meeting in June on the 8th @7:30PM.

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