Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Listen Up

An unfortunate experience has driven me to a new opinion about some of the elected officials not only nationally, but also locally.  Maybe all the problems have stemmed from a society that has taught children that EVERYONE gets a trophy no matter how much effort you put into winning or your work.  Or maybe it came from the "I'm OK, You're OK" thought process, but honestly I am a bit tired of the lackadaisical, martyr approach of those whom we have voted to represent our interests.  I guess I am wondering why it is that not one official that I have seen recently has the chutzpah to handle things when a heated discussion ensues or their constituents are displeased and just want a straight answer.  Understandably plenty of people can become rude and even belligerent when asking a question of a senator, mayor or council member, but there comes a time when it is earned.  It is time for these officials to understand that if I wanted to waltz I would have taken dancing lessons not come to an open forum to discover what is going on within the realm of which I live.  Listen up bureaucrats, all you have to do is answer the question simply and succinctly.  Don't dance around the issue, don't sidestep a direct request and for goodness sakes do not underestimate my intelligence.  If you chose to do the aforementioned then expect to have your lunch handed to you because those of us who feel the same way are about done with doing the Watusi just to hear "I don't know."  And by the way if you happen to encounter a constituent who pushes just a little too hard, don't go whining to your friends complaining that it was not fair.....suck it up and grow a pair!

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