Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy Tomorrow!

Tonight at 12:01am the calendar will change from 2011 to 2012 and yet that is all that will happen (unless God has other plans).  As I tour the internet off and on today all I have read is how tough this year has been, and I will agree that there have been things that have happened that my life could have certainly done without from my perspective and I am sure there has been hurt and pain for many, but what I truly do not understand is why people think that just because the numbers change that life will dramatically change with it.  Tomorrow someone will scratch off a lottery ticket and win $1,000, but also tomorrow someone’s heart will be broken and it has nothing to do with flipping a page or buying a new calendar.  Life moves on at the pace that is determined, the only thing that CAN change is how you handle the good with the bad and whether you have chosen to curl up and let life pass you by because it is painful at times, or that you have chosen to milk it for every good moment that comes along.

There have been times in my life that I thought the pain was more than I could bare and I was never going to be the same, and I was right, but the next day came and no miraculous peaceful feeling came to over-ride the pain, serenity did not happen with the snap of my fingers, those things came gradually as I learned to capture them and hold them for when life came at me with both barrels.   Things did not all of a sudden become great, grand and beautiful because I could cross another day off a calendar, the great, grand and beautiful came because I lived my life the best that I could with the things and feelings I was given.

So tonight when you kiss your partner at the stroke of midnight, or bemoan the fact that you are alone with Ryan Seacrest as the ball drops, or snoring under your blankets make the decision to make TOMORROW a great and grand day, not next year, not 2012, but because you were given one more DAY.

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  1. Solid wisdom in these words. Thank you for posting them.