Thursday, November 25, 2010

Attitude of Gratitude

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of happiness, family and cheer......except for one little thing, don't you think that this attitude should be carried throughout the year instead of just one day?  So little in this world is actually looked at with an attitude of gratitude.  Oh we throw words around like, "Thank God.........(insert whatever here)!"  But do we really mean it?  My family and I rarely celebrate any holiday that comes around, mainly because our family is so small (my parents, my husband and two boys) and we see each other frequently that it isn't necessary to have a HUGE dinner just for an excuse to get together, but also we would like to be treated every day like it was Valentine's Day, or our Birthday, or Anniversary, or any other holiday.  Think about the people you spent today with, do you ever call them just to thank them for being in your life?  Do you ever thank your higher power just for being able to get up in the morning no matter how much your joints creak and groan?  Do you ever look at a sunrise and appreciate the fact that you are vertical one more day?

My challenge to you is to write down the alphabet and next to each letter write down something or someone you are thankful for.  It isn't easy and sometimes just being thankful that no one plays the xylophone in the house may be enough, but it might open your eyes to the blessings right in front of you and help you to be thankful ALL year.


  1. WOW .. I thought I would have this list done in minutes .. This is a lot harder then I thought it would be ... Thank you for the wonderful idea.

    Still working on

    J ... Q .... V ... Y....Z


  2. The Joy of watching our children and grandchildren play.

    The Voice we all have to bestow praise when needed, concern when warranted and criticism when necessary.

    The Youth of the world that will enjoy our accomplishments and inherit our mistakes.

    The Zoo I sometimes feel we live in


    the Quietude of Kardon Park on a Spring afternoon and still hear the chorus of Spring Peepers and birds

    Thank you Elaine for the inspiration.