Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Election is Coming the Election is Coming!

On Tuesday November 6th you will get the opportunity to exercise a right that for some was a hard fought battle to gain.  I am sure by now we are all a little tired of the plethora of phone calls and the mailboxes full of propaganda for the candidates, I know I am.  I knew who I was going to vote for long before the final push, but I know some still seem undecided.

Today I got to hear a message that made sense and I would like to pass it along.  Forget your party affiliation....go read the platforms of the candidates, each of them.  Now for sure there will be some silliness in each because that is just an inherent part of politics, but take a look at which candidates share the most ideas and ideals that match up with yours.  If you are spiritual, don't look at what religion a person practices, but make sure that if, for instance you follow Biblical principles that the candidate that you vote for lines up with (voting record) the principles you hold dear.

That message along with taking a good look at experience and how a person handles themselves.  Make sure that when they make a statement that they can back it up with evidence.  Don't fall for the "I did this" statements when there is no possible way that they could have effected what they stated to be true.  Make sure that they have handled themselves while in their present position or office with aplomb and dignity.   Then maybe even take a look at the fliers and cards that flooded our mailboxes and see if their campaigns have conducted themselves above board making sure that they didn't find a loophole to sneak into.

Along with deciding who will be the leader of the nation, we also have local races that are just as important.  Here in Downingtown we will vote for our Representative in Harrisburg and our Congressman as well.  Make sure that when you fill in that dot that your candidate is not all flash, lights, smoke and mirrors, but has substance, leadership ability and experience.


  1. I could wallpaper my entire house, and those of my neighbors, with flyers from Josh Maxwell. Some of these flyers came in multiples on the same day. I also received several from Corbin, but hers were not quite as excessive. Neither candidate's ads told me much in terms of specifics, although I did note that there was one trashing Maxwell for the DUI. We all know that story, lady, what do you have to bring to the table?

    I also received robocall polls from either the Maxwell or Corbin camp. It started with asking who I would vote for for President, then went directly to the Corbin/Maxwell questions. I fell for it the first time and took the poll. Minutes after hanging up the phone, I got another call, "You have been chosen to take a poll..." Same voice, same poll. These calls persisted, two in a row, for several nights. The excess is astounding.

    Most annoying was a get out the vote sticker someone put on my door. Don't put stickers on my house. I will vote with or without your stupid sticker, but I don't appreciate having to remove a sticker from my door glass.

    The winner for most irritating was the letter I received today from a former councilman from Downingtown urging me who to vote for for President. Who does this person think he is? The audacity! I don't mind receiving mail from one party or the other, one candidate or another (in moderation), but a private citizen? What qualifies this person to tell other people who to vote for? I am an educated, well read individual and this person's arrogance thinking people will vote for his guy just because he says so is beyond the pale. Unbelievable!

    So glad this whole thing will be over soon. Go vote. Accept the winner graciously, and respect your neighbors as capable adults who are able to make choices on their own.

    God bless America, and may the winners be best for this great country, whoever they are.

    1. Ugh, those stickers!!! I actually called the phone number on the sticker...The Democratic National Party to complain. I had just painted my brand new front door when I see some old lady with a hat walk up to my house and plaster a sticker on the new paint job!
      I was livid! It reminded me of those stickers they put on condemned homes. Luckily it peeled right off without any trace of glue and didn't peel off the fresh paint. Really, if you have to trash my house with all of those dead trees, just hang it on the mail box or door knob like everyone else does.

  2. To be fair, the Maxwell campaign put out a nasty flier about Becky Corbin also, so I guess it was a tit for tat. I will say that misdeeds need to be kept at the forefront and if Ms. Corbin had committed one then it needed to be metioned too. I do know I was confused as to why Mr. Maxwell was allowed to have his photo taken in a municiple building with a municiple employee in uniform. From what I understand using ones present office to further a campaign is a no no. Also I know for sure that all municiple employees are to not have signs on their home properties nor or volunteers while working on a borough project allowed to wear any button or sticker showing their political preference and yet Mr. Maxwell was able to slide this by at the last minute.

    I did not answer any calls myself that were election related and if I did they were quickly disconnected. What irritated me is other charities and drives trying to piggie back on the election calls.

    As for the former council member writing to you if they were working on that particular campaign then I do know that in several areas, not just ours, local people were asked to compose mailings for their candidate. What amazes me is the bombardment of advertising that both parties put into play. Most people are educated informed voters, but yes, there are some that have no idea what or who they are voting for they just vote straight party no matter what. Personally for me a better way to get my attention is to have a town hall meeting and tell me what you would like to do. Notice I say would LIKE to do because we all know not every little piece of legislature is going to get passed because of partisanship. Don't tell me you want to save education if you don't have a plan how, don't tell me that you will lower taxes if you aren't sure where that can happen. give me something to chew on so I feel that my vote was not in vain.

  3. Well, if there was a lesson tonight, it is that you cannot buy an election. Maxwell obviously spent a ton of money on all those piles of flyers and cards, yet Corbett won anyway. Also worth mentioning: Bruton's mailing which probably set him back a few shekels, didn't mean squat in the national election. How he thought it would make a lick of difference is beyond me. On the grand scale of a national election, Bruton is smaller than small potatoes. He is krill in a vast sea; dust in the wind. Good for him, though, for making a nice donation to the struggling U.S. Postal Service.