Thursday, July 5, 2012

Get Your Facts Straight

Just out of curiosity I did a google search when one of the residents of Johnsontown created a picture of the present day train station and the old one.  Then the discussion moved to when that one had burned down.  What I found were not facts about that incident, but some disturbing blogs and ill thought out articles stating that Downingtown did not need a new train station because the present one was less than 20 years old.  Skimming some of the blogs it was evident that none of the writers had even seen the station in it's present state.  I wanted to set these people straight but I wasn't about to log on to every blog account out there or register for every news service that I could.  So I come here.

Yes, it's true the train station is only a little over 20 years old.  However, it is not ADA compliant and it is the only one on the R-5 line that is not.  The pass through tunnel smells like a urinal on good days and I try and stay away from it on really hot ones, and parking and traffic can be quite challenging on any given day the line is running.  The other misinformed bloggers also complained that D'town had 213 parking spaces.  What they did not mention is that there are quite a few people that are dropped off and or walk to the station from various parts of town.  The station is sometimes only a mile away from different sections of D'town.  It was also not mentioned that parking for the train station also limits the spaces available for Johnsontown Park goers to put their vehicles.

I will tell you that I am staying skeptical about the new station, but this is only because I am waiting to see what they propose to do with the old once it is built.  The west end of town tends to be a forgotten entity and it has taken the hard work of many residents to bring it to the forefront even in the small capacity that it is now being recognized and I am sure along with many residents of particularly Johnsontown we don't want an eyesore existing at one of the entrances to our little burg.  However with that being said I challenge these bloggers and news people to actually come and see the present station, watch the flow of traffic, see how many spaces are used and how many people walk, and then try and get a wheelchair up to the platform.  Then and only then can they accurately describe what our 20 year old station is like.  Don't speculate people, you don't do it well.


  1. So in other words, if we're not from your beloved Johnsontown, and/or don't agree with YOUR opinion, then we obviously can't have a valid opinion?

    You come across as a very bitter person in the few posts I've read here so far. How sad for you.

  2. Oh please that is a tired argument used when you don't have anything else to say. If you had read what I said instead of spouting off without basis I said that the bloggers were misinformed, not that there was not a valid opinion. I stand by what I said and yes the ill informed opinions of the ones who have not seen the train station, nor live near it, nor use it need to rethink before they type. How sad that you only skim and not read.