Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Up for a Challenge

I know everyone love contests......ok well not everyone, but this one can get you some recognition for that great photo you took of the flood waters last winter in Downingtown that turned out really cool, or the robin who signaled the first day of spring, or the puppy having fun in the park.  The Downingtown Historic and Parks Commission is sponsoring an amateur photography contest for a calendar that will be published for the 2013 season.  The contest is open to all amateurs, but the photo(s) must be taken in the 19335 area and follow the rules that are stated at the website.

So if you are a budding photographer and wish to have your skills noticed, love the photo you took of downtown last Christmas at the parade, or just want to see your photo in print submissions are being taken here D'town H&PC Calendar Contest

Each photo must be geotagged (tagging on the map where it was taken) for authenticity and you must comply with the simple rules stated on the site.  Flickr is free to join, but is great place to hone your photography skills or to just see some wonderful work being done by pros and amateurs.

Everyone have fun and good luck....who knows you could be the next Downingtown star photog!!!

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  1. Here are some nice pics from 19335: