Monday, October 31, 2011

Definitely a Contender

An article in the Local News section of the paper today highlighted the three candidates that are vying for the two seats that will be available in the November election for Downingtown Borough Council on the East side.  I know each of the candidates and they all have their strong points, but I feel one of the candidates has been given less of a chance to have his voice heard and has had less “press coverage” than the other two.

Matt Zaun while a very quiet young man, and is also a very dedicated and caring individual.  When I first met Matt I had no idea that he was on the Historic and Parks Commission for Downingtown until we encountered him helping out at the Log House Craft Fair the first year we participated.   It’s not widely known that Matt has assisted in building homes internationally, has helped feed the homeless and will truly hear what you have to say.  I have often wondered why that is and now, having worked with him on various projects and really getting to know him and his lovely wife I have found that these things are not known because Matt is not willing to blow his own horn for accolades.  It has been said that the gentle shall inherit the earth and if that is so, then Matt is the go to guy.

When I read about the other candidates for the seats on the East side of D’town, the main topic is revitalization.  Matt has been pushed aside and given an “also ran” status because his ideas do not rely on revitalization that really would be difficult to accomplish, but smart growth which will help fill store fronts on Lancaster Ave. and give the small businesses in town that have managed to stick things out a helping hand.  Matt wants to set up a business committee that will help the small businesses in town with issues that only come with being a small business owner, which in turn will make it more attractive to have a store front in Downingtown on Lancaster Ave rather than the Main Line or somewhere else. 

I have had occasion to speak with Matt about things in Downingtown and what he sees as the best assets and what can be improved.   When a resident has that opportunity to speak with Matt he/she gets the feeling that he really is listening instead of thinking up the next campaign point that he/she is going to bring up.  One gets the feeling that even if he disagrees he will find a way to come to a compromise that works for both of you and if not he will tell you why it doesn’t work instead of ignoring the idea all together or simply saying, “No.”  This innate ability may have been cultivated by his and his wife Courtney’s involvement in their church Cornerstone in West Chester.    It’s not a usual occurrence to see the dedication and deep caring that Matt possesses and I believe it will serve him well as a Downingtown Borough Council member.


  1. I would be interested to see what the "other two" candidates have done or accomplished?

    From where I sit I.D.E.A.L. has not really done a lot of anything. Sure it all sounds good on paper hangers in a window, but what is the direct result of the group? What makes an idea great is the fruit that it bears. So far the tree of IDEAL is empty and hollow. Again, from what I can see. Maybe someone can shed some more light on it?

    My vote is going to individuals that are Not self serving and so far Matt has got my vote. The other two give me the feeling like i need to vote for the lesser of .....

  2. Yesterday I got a terrible attack piece going against Matt. I was so angry that Alex and Cara would spread lies around town about Matt. This is politics as usual. This is what Downingtown Borough does NOT need. I've known Matt for years and I know that he is a great person, listener and leader. I will only be voting for Matt for Borough council and not cast a vote for either Alex or Cara.

    P.S I find it funny that Cara tried to get me to vote for her because she has a fancy degree. She pulled up to my door to talk to me in a very expensive car and thinks I owe her my vote because she has money and thinks she's top dog. Cara, take a seat. Alex stop spreading day you will be held accountable for your lack of integrity.

  3. I find it very disturbing that that kind of behavior makes anyone think that they will garner votes. I live on the West End of town and cannot vote for anyone on the East end, but simply by pulling that kind of stunt right before the election means that those who did it have something to fear.

    As for the other question about IDEAL that group has done very little. It hosted an information session early on when Kardon Park was heated before the first decision was handed down. Then it hosted yet another that I still hav not figured out it's purpose and then the last one was to introduce the candidates for council before the primary. The group really has no pull nor does it have a specific goal so I really don't see how it is a qualifier for borough council.

    I am seriously ashamed that anyone in our town who is running for office feels that smearing another is the way to win. If you cannot win fair and square then get out of the game.

  4. That is a shame ... Cara has just dealt another black eye to the political agenda of downingtown. I thought whale crap on the bottom of the ocean was as low as you can get. You proved me wrong Cara :>) Putting down another to try to gain a victory is totally a cowards move. Ideal had VERY little credibility with me .. and has now lost all of it. Well done cara maybe if you continue on the path your following you can sweep up the garage in the city hall.

  5. After reading your piece on Integrity and this one about Matt Zaun, you have certainly opened my eyes.

    I looked this up in the dictionary to make sure I was using it correctly.

    Machination: an artful or secret plot or scheme, esp. one with evil intent: usually used in pl.


    I am appalled at the political machinations of DeStefano and Rakoff.

    What's really disappointing is that I thought Rakoff 's goals and opinions of what needed to be done were intelligent and well thought out. DeStefano's statement did not show the same 'professional' attitude. It read as if a high school kid had written it. (...with a giggle on the side)

    I agree with both Anonymous 1 and Anonymous 2 and especially the following:

    #1) My vote is going to individuals that are Not self serving and so far Matt has got my vote. The other two give me the feeling like i need to vote for the lesser of .....

    #2) I will only be voting for Matt for Borough council and not cast a vote for either Alex or Cara.

    While I agree with Anonymous 3's comment: "Cara has just dealt another black eye to the political agenda of downingtown" I believe Rakoff definitely helped blacken the eye. His name is on the 'letter' too.

    I too will be voting for one candidate: Matt Zaun.
    I am a registered Democrat. (I always have voted for Schroder, though)

    I will vote only for Matt since I have no desire to help either Alex or Cara.

  6. What I take away is this.....IF the 2nd candidate says he knew NOTHING that about the slam piece then why didn't he start doing damage control when it hit the mail boxes on Saturday am, call for a retraction from the sender or go on record through facebook, emails and phone changes to voice his outrage or position that he had been a victim? Other than contacting a select few Sunday evening claiming his innocence when he found out it was going to cost him votes. And now that he knows, there still is nothing public or in writing. Could it be that he either can't or won't stand up situation? That's makes him under her control if they got on Council together....just what the people were tired of experiencing. Secondly, I understand the promoter of the slam piece will be almost definite winner due to the cross-party registration. That being said, there was NO reason have to engage in such nasty politics in the first place, unless of course you are just mean and get enjoyment from that type of action.

  7. If Cara is willing to resort to these low life acts in a winning situation, think of what she will do in a council seat?? Think of what she will do with her back up against the wall??? Anyone know a good realtor? I have a feeling I am going to get taxed out of Downingtown.