Saturday, September 10, 2011

Try to Remember the Kind of September

Tomorrow will mark the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and it breaks my heart all over again to think about it and what we lost that day.  That being said I am a bit tired of all the TV shows and tributes and rehashing of a terrible day in history.  I don't want to hear tapes of a last phone call made to a loved one before their plane crashed, I don't want to hear nor have that person relive the terrible panic they experienced while trying to get out of a building that was coming down around them, nor do I want to watch over and over again the Towers burning and then falling to the ground.  We lived it and I think that is enough.  Yes, it will become part of our history, but it has been a mere 10 years and the wounds are so easily opened again.

I am also disappointed in the fact that those who were not invited on September 11 2001 and still went sacrificing in some cases their own lives are not invited 10 years later, because "there is no room".  How about the politicians stay home with their cadre of security and make room for those who should be there not those looking for a photo op.  Men and women who left their homes and their families knowing full well they may not come back are an after thought to the story, they will be able to attend another ceremony later in the week, but they were there THAT DAY!

So tomorrow as I wake I will say a prayer for those who went before us, for those they left behind and for those who are still here with us,and the brave men and women who helped those in peril, but I won't be watching any recaps or History Channel specials or interviews with survivors, because even without all that my heart still aches, the tears still come and I will never forget.

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