Thursday, January 6, 2011

Too Much Energy

I'd like to address something right here and right now......Do I hate FOKP and or Ann Feldman?  No, I don't, to hate something like that group or to hate Ann takes way too much energy on my part and is a wasted emotion.  Do I think that FOKP are misguided, disingenuous, a bit hippy-like and hurtful to the borough?  Oh yeah.  Do I think that Ann Feldman belongs on council, is misguided herself, and does not seem to be prepared to do the borough any good?  No, yes and yes. 

I said that so that it should be clear where I am coming from.  First of all I am not speaking out in this particular blog from a legal standpoint.  I am speaking from the standpoint of a resident who is a bit peeved at other residents.

Now on to the big issue.  A group of leaders is only as effective as it's members and to be perfectly honest Borough Council could be much more productive if certain things were to happen.  First on my wish list would be for Ann to step down.  My reasoning behind that is this....she is involved in litigation with the very body of government that she has a duty to.  If I were involved in a lawsuit with JCG I would not be in the position I am currently holding, simply for the fact that I do not see how I could possibly be effective when I would be at odds with the governing body.  There are many other ways to "fight city hall" other than to be city hall and have the governing body at cross purposes with you.  Another reason is that other council members, right wrong or indifferent, do not want to nor do they work well, answer questions or respect her comments specifically due to the fact that she is FOKP.  While the budget rangling was going on and at the last meeting for the year I felt Ann and Mayor Maxwell had a valid point about the Delta contract versus getting rid of the assistant borough manager and it seemed that that idea was deemed impossible simply because she is the one who suggested it.  So you tell me what good is she really doing on council?

The other reason ties into the first one.  The other members of Borough Council need to step up their professional game.  I don't care how much you personally hate, despise, distastefully regret having to work with another person it does not give anyone the right to speak to another member of a governing body as has been done the past few meetings and most possibly even further back.  Regardless of how long your term may be or what is left of it you are stuck with that other individual until such time as they step down, you lose your post or you are re-elected and they lose their post, so you need to learn to suck it up and deal with it as a professional and the esteemed borough council person that you are.  Just because you intensely dislike a person does not mean you dismiss them and their ideas from the get go without some thought.

With all that being said the borough did manage to not raise taxes, but at the cost of two people and maybe some services to the residents.


  1. Do I hate you? No. I don't know you. Do I despise the fact that you have created a platform to repeatedly and aggressively attack a member of the Borough Council who was elected TO COUNCIL by a majority of voters in an election precisely for the reasons you keep harping on? Absolutely.

    Why on earth should Ann Feldman step down, when she is representing the views of those who elected her? Why do the others not step down since they have been advocating something that is illegal, and misleading the people they represent about it?

    Yet again, your assertions are clearly illogical.

    Ann Feldman is fighting for something she and a lot of other people believe in, the protection of dedicated public parks from overzealous attempts to cash in on them for short term gain. It is an honorable fight. That you cannot comprehend it, is clearly irrelevant.

    More importantly, it is consistent with the law, something you conveniently disregard again and again. Your repeated refusal to consider either the law or the facts is indicative of your mindset, which is simply, 'my way or the highway'. Get a clue...your opinion is no more valid than anybody else's. Any it certainly does not trump state law.

    You need to get a hobby, a life, and stop engaging in bashing someone for something you cannot understand. Paint a painting, take up ballroom dancing, learn to play the piano, but for gawds' sake woman, find something else to do.

    Frankly your overblown obsession with Ann Feldman is both pathetic and quite disturbing.


  2. "You need to get a hobby, a life, and stop engaging in bashing someone for something you cannot understand. Paint a painting, take up ballroom dancing, learn to play the piano, but for gawds' sake woman, find something else to do."

    Could the same not be said about you ?? Elaine has a blog in which she voices her opinion and beliefs. You come in here because you disagree and want your voice heard. You are both doing the same thing. I see no fault on either party yours or hers.(although my belief is she is a bit more professional) So if no one is at fault why do you type as if it is such a bad thing to voice an opinion? Is it really a need to tell someone else what to do like getting a hobby, when she is actively doing her hobby by the very forum you are typing in and he obvious love of photography. Your comments in that reguard are hollow and appear to this reader that you are only trying to "put her down" in order to build yourself up. I call that a lack of substance and self esteem. I think Elaine understand very well, But that is just my opinion.

    "Frankly your overblown obsession with Ann Feldman is both pathetic and quite disturbing.


    You say that but yet your here in an almost fanatical manner doing the same thing. I find your constant comments the moment a post is made even more disturbing. Who is more obsessed? Even Ann Feldman is not here as much as you are making comments. hmmmm You might take a lesson from the person you hold in such high esteem. Have you heard of the saying thou protesteth too much. or maybe paying attention to the log in your own eye instead of the splinter in Elaine's ?? Your comments had substance until you added the last 2 paragraphs .. Once again turning it into an attack. The sad part is i really believe you do not know that you are doing it.


  3. All of my posts are RESPONSES to personal attacks initiated by one person on this website. There is a difference.

    This is Elaine's obsession, and I am defending both Ann Feldman, and her organization because she is right on the law, and on the facts, was duly elected to her position, has a constitutional right to initiate legal action (and win based on the law)and as such should not be subjected to incessent personal attacks.

    There are far more personal attacks aimed at Ann Feldman and at my posts on this site (including by you "Downingtown Resident") than anything that could be construed as an attack against Elaine's posts. Rebuttals are not personal attacks, and claiming someone should find something more productive than slamming people with illogical, and factually incorrect assertions is hardly innapropriate, if it is happening with great frequency.

    How this could be construed as "professional" is beyond me.


  4. Whatever Chris


  5. WOW Chris you really have a very high opinion of yourself don't you? Telling me to get a hobby, play the piano, or some other such nonsense when you sit with baited breath ready to slam me at every turn.

    What you don't seem to get is that I understand Ann was elected, but what you don't get it that elected officials need to be taken to task when a resident or constituent feels that he/she is not acting in the best interest of what he/she was elected to do.

    You also fail to see that I called out the other council memebers for what I see as unprofessional behavior. Since it does not appear that Ann will step down and she is there till 2013 along with Brenda and Chip; Jamie, Bob and Mark are up for election, but they still have a year to go they all need to step up the game and speak in a manner that is appropriate for the forum. In fact I was appaled the other night with a comment made directly toward Ann by Jamie as it was uncalled for. Regardless if you and others think she is representing the views of those who voted her in take a good look at that and see if the hatred that has been garnered is really helping her to do her duty. I know we will hear the same claptrap from you about legalities and the same worn out words from you as you don't seem to be able to play another song, but what you don't see is that it's like playing Aura Lee when the kids would rather hear Rihanna.

    If you despise the blog so much then go's that simple. You appear to have nothing better to do than to kick up dust here, but you don't like what is written.......don't respond. I agree with Downingtown Resident......Whatever Chris.

  6. Nope, I will not go away. If you want to write about other issues; skunks on the porch, lines on the road, lights on the trees, etc., you won't hear a peep out of me.

    But if you insist on using this as a forum to attack Ann Feldman or FOKP, or to misrepresent the facts about Kardon Park, you'll get a big slice of rebuttal from me everytime.

    If you want me to go away, just stop posting your attacks, and misrepresentations, and it is done.

    As for your statement: "elected officials need to be taken to task when a resident or constituent feels that he/she is not acting in the best interest of what he/she was elected to do."....Surprise!!!!....we agree completely!!!! That is why Ann Feldman opposes the sale of a public park for which the council members are sworn trustees, and why after taking them to task in public meetings, and getting nowhere she exercised her constituional right to oppose in court (and win), and her right to run for office (and win).

    See....and you thought we could not get along.


  7. Ok so if Ann is allowed her bullypulpit then I am certainly just as welcome to post what I believe to be true along with facts garnered from sources whether you like it or not. What makes me wonder is why you consider this blog such a threat that you have to be here in the first place. You yourself have said that not too many people follow it. So either what I am posting is more of a threat to "the cause" or you just have way too much time on your hands and/or no job for which you need to be accountable for that you can troll the internet looking for tidbits on Kardon Park.

  8. So you are not feeling the love? Too bad. Just when I thought we were making progress....

    The key to your comment is this: "what I believe to be true"...and "facts garnered from sources whether you like it or not".

    A belief is just that...belief. I can believe passionately in numerology, palm-reading, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, any of the world's gazillion religions, etc., but my beliefs remain just that until confirmed through objective analysis. And to do that, one must employ indisputable facts, not cull "facts" from a website dedicated to one side of an issue ( is registered to Sara Peck), and offers no balance of views or arguments. The "facts" listed on that site, which are specifically taken out of context to promote the developer's interpretation and interests, and has been held up by the Borough Manager as a place for residents to learn the "facts" offers no hope of getting to the truth. Only by reviewing all of the arguments, pro and con, and looking at the entire body of evidence, can anybody arrive at objective conclusions.

    It is not that I place any value on your website, or that I believe it is a "threat", but rather, that it shows up on Google searches on Kardon Park, and as such could be misconstrued to be offering correct information on the park issue by someone looking for facts.

    So here I am.

    You could save both of us a lot of trouble by switching to other topics.


  9. I thought you had disappeared and saved us all a lot of agida but I found this in the spam filter. One could but dream that you would go away, but hey then again you keep the blog getting attention so all the more power to you. I don't just go to the site that is done by Sarah I also do "cull" facts from the FOKP site also . I read the sections on the DLN site and articles written by both sides, I am not making things up as you are implying. You could say the same things about the FOKP site as you are stating about In fact portions of THAT site don't even work anymore so gee go figure....must be why they are soliciting donations.....gee wonder if the IRS would be interested in investigating that? I don't believe that non profit funds are supposed to be used by an individual in litigation.....wonder if that is happening?

    You know you could save a lot of people a lot of wasted time if you would just go away, but I am sure like a bad penny you will show up again.

    An aside....must be a threat if you are worried about this blog making it to Google.