Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ponderings on a hot day

Today I was engaged in a heated "discussion" about federal politics (surprised?  I wasn't) and the exchange was almost laughable when it came down to it.  But it made me think about things on not only a national level, but a local level as well.  As many people know a proposed mosque is to be built in NYC near Ground Zero and many people are quite against this endeavor, but the government will not take a solid stand either way.  Many politicians that represent both that area and on a national level have been very wishy washy as to what can and cannot be done even when the opposition is strong.  Then here, we are in our little burg of Johnsontown and we have been TOLD that a new road will be built right through our park.  There are those of us who live here who are not all that thrilled with the idea and mainly because we have not been clearly informed as to what this will entail, but it appears on the surface that we have no choice because local government has deemed it so.  Nothing wishy washy about a new road right through our park, but no one in office will come out and take a stand (either way) on a building that will effect the area for millions, not just a few hundred.  How lopsided is that?  How is it that a local government, right or wrong, can make a decision and stand on said thought while the national government will make a statement, backpedal, obfuscate and any other adjective you can think of?  Makes you wonder doesn't it?

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