Monday, July 5, 2010

What Holiday?

I have a bone to pick, so bare with me.  First off I hope that everyone had a fantastic Fourth of July and that time was spent with family and friends.  That said, I am ready to unload about the whole weekend.  To begin with Downingtown had Good Neighbor Day on Saturday which was fine, however it boggles my mind why when we have several lovely trails for runners and bikers was it necessary to close off almost every road in town for entrants to ride or run on the streets of D'town.  Would it not have been easier to station police officers only where the trails intersect those roads instead of having officers all over the place closing off 282, Business 30, Pennsylvania, Manor and other various inroads to town and around it?  Shouldn't good neighbor day instill good feelings towards our neighbors and officials, not being completely ticked off because we have to go miles out of our way to get where we need to go?

My other beef is why are businesses closed today July 5th?  What holiday is it today?  What kind of message does it send to our young people that a three day weekend is more important than commemorating our struggles to break the chains of tyranny?  We have managed to mangle almost every other holiday to finagle a three day weekend in, in most places.  Take Presidents Day for example.  Who gave us the right to lump two very significant people into one day just to get Saturday, Sunday AND Monday off from work?  We have become a nation that just does not give a damn unless we can get something out of it, yet if our children display that kind of behavior we let them know how wrong it is for THEM to do it. How sad is it that we think only of ourselves and what we will do with that extra day instead of lingering on thoughts of the blood that was shed and the heroics that were displayed in that long ago time so that we might become rotten examples of patriotism.  No wonder no one respects the US, we don't even respect ourselves.


  1. amen !!! The last line of this blog is the biggest ... such great wisdom. America is fast moving in the direction of the Roman Empire .. no one ever thought that it would crumble and crumble it did from the inside out. Americans would be best served if they dedicated themselves to learning our own history. We are repeating the mistakes our founding fathers tried so hard to prevent from happening.

  2. Wow! I had a very similar rant yesterday over the breakfast table with my husband. If everyone needs a holiday to make up for July 4th being on a Sunday, then businesses should give them a floating holiday. Shutting down on a non-holiday is ludicrous.